Risks and Opportunities of AI in Future

Prof. Leung Kwong Sak and Prof. Patrick Lee from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering shared their thoughts on AI development in “United We Advance” (Sep 2020, Vol. 17), published by the United College, CUHK.

Prof. Leung pointed out that AI was a tool to solve many problems. It could help to improve our livings, or even surpass human intelligence. The use of AI and related technologies would be critical to the future cities’ development.

Prof. Lee suggested students, in addition to the preset curriculum, to think out of the box, comprehend what they have learnt and innovate new AI designs. He also encouraged the multidisciplinary development of AI in the future such that it could work closer and be more beneficial to human beings.

Both Prof. Leung and Prof. Lee talked about the confidentiality and potential ethical issues caused by AI, while they added that we should always be aware to develop, and to enjoy the opportunities of, AI wisely.

Please refer to https://www.uc.cuhk.edu.hk/tc/publication/sep-2020-vol-17/ for the articles (in Chinese only).