Minor Programme in Computer Science

The minor programme in Computer Science helps your future profession and career development. Due to the longest history of the department, our earlier graduates (both major and minor) have assumed major positions in the IT departments of many companies, forming a strong alumni network for our new graduates. After graduation, our minor students have taken up jobs in IT and computer industry, including software development, system design and analysis, information engineering management, etc. In addition, minor graduates may also choose to pursue M.Phil. and M.Sc. programmes in information and communications technologies.

Expected learning outcomes:

Upon the completion of the Minor Programme, students will have demonstrated basic understanding of fundamental issues related to the subject, acquired knowledge of some aspects of the subject with sufficient exposure and at a suitable level to allow further study in this subject or related subjects or to pursue a related career.

Procedure to declare the minor programme: Student can declare the minor programme in CUSIS (preferably in final year final term) in the application period announced by the RES . Please fill in the 18-unit requirements and upload your transcript in your application. Late application will not be considered.

Curriculum Structure

Please click here to find the programme requirements by your entry year.

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(Last update: 2023.05.09)