Undergraduate Admissions


Since the first computer course in 1968, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering has been devoting to offer quality teaching and training in computer science and engineering professions. Currently, we offer three undergraduate programmes for applicants to choose from according to their interests:



Our department has gained an international reputation for excellent research and teaching: ranked #30 in Computer Science and Information Systems in the QS World University Rankings 2020, and #43 in Computer Science in the THE Rankings 2021 respectively. Supported by the faculty members who are passionate about computer science and engineering disciplines, our programmes cover a wide range of topics, from artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural network, to VLSI design, embedded systems and cybersecurity, etc. CSEers will start from the foundation courses and practical projects to build up concrete knowledge in the profession. Depending on the major programme, CSEers may declare in a specialized stream for in-depth study. The flexible curriculum design allows them to explore and develop their academic interests.

On the other hand, we believe a whole-person development will be critical to shape our CSEers well-prepared for the challenges in the future. Thus, we always encourage CSEers to participate in the global exchange programmes, workshops and competitions, Work Study Programme and Internship, and other activities beyond the classes to broaden their horizons and learn with peers from diverse backgrounds.


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Application Procedures

The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid will be responsible for processing the undergraduate admissions to CUHK. Currently, we accept applications from the following channels:

  • Non-JUPAS (Local) Admissions Scheme
  • Admissions for Sub-degree Holders
  • International Students Admissions Scheme
  • Mainland (Gaokao) Students Admissions Scheme

The CENGN programme and the CSCIN programme are now under the broad-based admission through Engineering (JS4401 / BERGN). Students will be invited to declare their preference and be allocated into one of the six major programmes after the completion of Year 1 study. Local applicants with associate degree / high diploma qualifications can also apply for the Senior Year admission. Successful applicants will be admitted directly to the major programmes.

The AISTN programme is in programme-based admission. Applicants wishing to pursue in the programme should apply to JS4468 / AISTN directly.

Applicants will be considered based on their educational background and academic achievements. To make the applications more competitive, applicants are expected to demonstrate outstanding abilities in mathematics, science subjects and language proficiency.

Note that the admission timelines vary for different admission channels. Please visit the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid for more details.


Scholarships and Financial Aids

Depending on students’ financial situation, or their outstanding performance in academic or other areas, the Government and the University may provide various scholarships and financial aid schemes to support the student’s learning in CUHK. The Faculty of Engineering and our department also offer other types of scholarships to students with excellent achievements.