Minor Programme in Web and Cloud Computing

With the wide usage of Internet and the increasing popularity of mobile computing devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, and laptops) in society, computer users are migrating their computing usage and data storage from a single personal computing environment to a web-based, distributed and networked computing environment. The demand for web and cloud computing environment and the underlying technologies is hence raised. The minor program in web and cloud computing is to equip students with the essential knowledge of web and cloud computing. Through the programme, students are prepared to possess the ability of problem-solving skills and the ability of self-learning in this ever-changing computing field.

Expected learning outcomes:

Upon the completion of the Minor Programme, students will have demonstrated basic understanding of fundamental issues related to the subject, acquired knowledge of some aspects of the subject with sufficient exposure and at a suitable level to allow further study in this subject or related subjects or to pursue a related career.

Procedure to declare the minor programme: Student can declare the minor programme in CUSIS (preferably in final year final term) during the application period announced by the RES. Please fill in the 18-unit requirements and upload your transcript in your application. Late application will not be considered.

Curriculum Structure

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(Last update: 2023.05.09)