Postgraduate Course List

Course CodeCourse TitleUnit(s)
CENG5030Energy Efficient Computing3
CENG5050Hardware for Human Machine Interface3
CENG5270EDA for Physical Design of Digital Systems3
CENG5410 / ENGG5101Advanced Computer Architecture3
CSCI5010Practical Computational Geometry Algorithms 3
CSCI5030Machine Learning Theory3
CSCI5050Bioinformatics and Computational Biology3
CSCI5120Advanced Topics in Database Systems3
CSCI5150Machine Learning Algorithms and Applications3
CSCI5160 / ENGG5102Advanced Algorithms3
CSCI5170Theory of Computational Complexity3
CSCI5180 / ENGG5103Techniques for Data Mining3
CSCI5210Advanced Computer Graphics and Visualization3
CSCI5240Combinatorial Search and Optimization with Constraints3
CSCI5250 / ENGG5106Information Retrieval and Search Engines3
CSCI5280 / ENGG5104Image Processing and Computer Vision3
CSCI5320Topics in Graph Algorithms3
CSCI5350Advanced Topics in Game Theory3
CSCI5370Quantum Computing3
CSCI5390Advanced GPU Programming3
CSCI5440Theory of Cryptography3
CSCI5460Virtual Reality3
CSCI5470 / ENGG5105Computer and Network Security3
CSCI5510 / ENGG5108Big Data Analytics3
CSCI5550Advanced File and Storage Systems3
CSCI5570Large Scale Data Processing Systems3
CSCI5590Advanced Topics in Blockchain3
CSCI5600Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems3
CSCI5610Advanced Data Structures3
CSCI5620Algorithms for Data Science* (new course in 2021-22)3
CSCI5630Advanced Topics in Graph Mining* (new course in 2021-22)3
CSCI5640Natural Language Processing* (new course in 2021-22)3
CSCI5650Graph Neural Networks* (new course in 2021-22)3
CSCI6500Seminars for M.Phil. Studies1
CSCI7600Seminars for Ph.D. Studies1
CSCI8003Thesis Research3
CSCI8006Thesis Research6
CSCI8012Thesis Research12