Postgraduate Course List

Course CodeCourse TitleUnit(s)
AIST5020Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence3
AIST5030Generative Artificial Intelligence3
CENG5030Energy Efficient Computing3
CENG5270EDA for Physical Design of Digital Systems3
CENG5410 / ENGG5101Advanced Computer Architecture3
CSCI5010Practical Computational Geometry Algorithms 3
CSCI5030Machine Learning Theory3
CSCI5120Advanced Topics in Database Systems3
CSCI5150Machine Learning Algorithms and Applications3
CSCI5160 / ENGG5102Advanced Algorithms3
CSCI5180 / ENGG5103Techniques for Data Mining3
CSCI5210Advanced Computer Graphics and Visualization3
CSCI5280 / ENGG5104Image Processing and Computer Vision3
CSCI5320Topics in Graph Algorithms3
CSCI5350Advanced Topics in Game Theory3
CSCI5370Quantum Computing3
CSCI5390Advanced GPU Programming3
CSCI5460Virtual Reality3
CSCI5470 / ENGG5105Computer and Network Security3
CSCI5550Advanced File and Storage Systems3
CSCI5570Large Scale Data Processing Systems3
CSCI5600Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems3
CSCI5610Advanced Data Structures3
CSCI5620Algorithms for Data Science3
CSCI5630Advanced Topics in Graph Mining3
CSCI5640Natural Language Processing3
CSCI5650Graph Neural Networks3
CSCI5660Advanced Topics of AI for Life Sciences3
CSCI5670Computational Imaging Systems and Algorithms3
CSCI6500Seminars for M.Phil. Studies1
CSCI7600Seminars for Ph.D. Studies1
CSCI8003Thesis Research3
CSCI8006Thesis Research6
CSCI8012Thesis Research12