Minor Programme in Artificial Intelligence: Systems and Technologies

For students admitted in 2021 and thereafter

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an emerging engineering discipline that focuses on the technological innovations in enabling computing systems to behave and discover new knowledge with human-like intelligence.  It is a broad area that covers many specializations, such as machine learning, deep learning, knowledge representation/inference, logic/constraint programming, human-computer interactions, natural language processing, big data analytics, etc. It has evolved in multiple disciplines, such as finance, medicine, manufacturing, robotics, multimedia, telecommunications, computational linguistics, etc., and there is now a huge demand of AI specialists in both local and global employment markets. The introduction of this Artificial Intelligence: Systems and Technologies (AIST) Minor Programme is to equip students with the fundamental knowledge of designing and implementing AI systems and technologies that can analyze, reason about, and infer knowledge from massive information, backed by rigorous foundations of mathematics, basic sciences, data structures, statistics, algorithms, distributed computing, etc.  The AIST Minor programme helps students from various disciplines to develop knowledge in AI, and hence the AIST Major programme will benefit from more inter-disciplinary intellectual exchanges across different departments and faculties. The AIST Minor programme also bridges the Faculty of Engineering and other faculties for closer research collaboration in AI-related topics.

Expected learning outcomes

Upon the completion of the Minor Programme, students will have demonstrated basic understanding of fundamental issues related to the subject, acquired knowledge of some aspects of the subject with sufficient exposure and at a suitable level to allow further study in this subject or related subjects or to pursue a related career.

Procedure to declare the minor programme

Student can declare the minor programme in CUSIS (preferably in final year final term) during the application period announced by the RES . Please fill in the 18-unit requirements and upload your transcript in your application.

Late application will not be considered.

Curriculum Structure

Please click here to find the programme requirements by your entry year.

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(Last update: 2023.05.09)