Yun Peng Received ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award in the ASE 2023

From left: Yun Peng, Prof. Michael Lyu

International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE) is the top international software engineering conference sponsored by ACM SIGSOFT and IEEE. ACM Distinguished Paper Awards are designated to recognize the outstanding research in the conference. It is a testament to the high significance and quality of the awarded papers. There were 10 papers awarded ACM Distinguished Paper Awards in ASE 2023, among the 134 accepted papers of 629 submissions.

Yun Peng is the 4th-year PhD student in the ARISE lab under the supervision of Prof. Michael R. Lyu. He co-authored with other two ARISE members Chaozheng Wang and Wenxuan Wang to finish the paper. The awarded paper “Generative Type Inference for Python” focuses on an important research topic of type inference for dynamic languages in software engineering. It proposes an approach that generating type predictions based on large language models by simulating the inference steps of traditional static type inference approaches. It achieves significant improvements than previous supervised and cloze-style type inference approaches.