Ms. Shuai LI elected the Google PhD Fellowship 2018

Congratulations to Shuai LI elected the Google PhD Fellowship 2018.

Ms. Shuai LI is currently a 4th year PhD student in our department under the supervision of Prof. Kwong-Sak Leung. She received Bachelor’s Degree in Math from Chu Kochen Honors College, Zhejiang University and received Master’s Degree in Math from Institute of Mathematics. During PhD, she has visited MSRA, Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab, University of Alberta (CA) and UC Berkeley (US), and interned at Adobe Research (US) and DeepMind (UK). Her research topic is online learning, multi-armed bandits and reinforcement learning, especially on online learning to rank. She has published many research papers on top machine learning conferences, like ICML/NIPS/KDD/AAAI/… and she has served as a reviewer in many top conferences, like ICML/NIPS/AAAI/IJCAI/UAI/AISTATS/…. Her personal homepage is

Learning to rank (LTR) is a core problem in information retrieval and machine learning with numerous applications in web search, recommender systems and ad placement. The goal of LTR is to present a list of K documents out of L that maximizes the satisfaction of the user. This problem has been traditionally solved by training supervised learning models on manually annotated relevance judgments. However, strong evidence suggests that users’ click feedback can lead to major improvements over supervised LTR methods. In addition, billions of users interact daily with commercial LTR systems, and it is finally feasible to interactively and adaptive maximize the satisfaction of these users from clicks. These observations motivated numerous papers on online LTR methods, which utilize user feedback to improve the quality of ranked lists. These methods can be divided into two groups: learning the best ranker in a family of rankers, and learning the best list under some model of user interaction with the list, such as a click model. The click model is a stochastic model of how the user examines and clicks on a list of items. This talk will focus on online LTR in click models and present the algorithms from the setting of specific click models, like cascade model, to general click models.