CUHK Programming Team Won the Champion in the 2013 ACM/ICPC Hangzhou Regional Contest

Congratulations to HON Man Hin Jeffrey, HUANG Dawei and CHAN Pak Hay Alan coached by Prof. LAU Lap Chi won the champion in the ACM-ICPC Asia Hangzhou Regional Contest which was held in Oct 2013. This is our first time to win a regional contest in China.

The CUHK sent two teams in the Hangzhou Regional Contest. One team with the new members Wong Chi Wai (CS Y1), Lee Chun Yin Sampson (ERG Y1), Leung On Yin (ERG Y1) ranked 27th in the contest. They solved 4 out of 11 problems. The other team are all CS students including Hon Man Hin Jeffrey, Huang Dawei and Chan Pak Hay Alan. They solved 8 out of 11 problems and won te champion with Fudan University. Wishing them to have an excellent results in the coming World Final in Russia in Jun 2014.

Our hearty congratulations to all team members!