CUHK ASC Team Won the Virtual Group Champion in the ASC22 Student Supercomputer Challenge

CUHK ASC team won the Virtual Group Champion as well as the Group Award and Application Innovation Award in the ASC22 Student Supercomputer Challenge. There were over 300 competing teams in preliminary, with 24 teams advancing into the finals, and team members were challenged to fine-tune and to improve industry benchmarks, software for computational physics, and large language models.

Team members:
Lam Kin Ho 林健豪, CS Year3
Tsang Ka Hei 曾嘉熹, CS Year3
Wu Chun Yat 胡晉逸 , AIST Year3
Wu Ka Tung 吳家棟, CS Year3
Yip Tin Yui 葉天睿, AIST Year3
Yuen Yu Ching 袁宇靖,  AIST Year4
As well as several schoolmates from the Physics Department.

The ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge stands as the world’s most extensive competition in student supercomputing, expertly organized and sponsored by the Asia Supercomputer Community with support from esteemed institutions and experts across Asia, Europe, and America. ASC’s primary goals encompass fostering international exchange and training for budding supercomputing talents, enhancing applications and research capabilities in the field, propelling the advancement of supercomputing technologies, and stimulating technical and industrial innovation.

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