CSE Department Names 2019 YAO Fellows and Awardees for Outstanding Academic Performance

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is pleased to announce the recipients of the inaugural 2019 Yao Fellowship:

Wong Tsz Chun (CSCI, year 2)
Law Hei Yu (CENG, year 2)

The Fellows were selected by a panel of professors based on their academic and extracurricular achievements.  The Yao Fellowship is named in honor of Professor Andrew Chi-Chih Yao (Turing Award, 2000).


The Department also recognizes the following students for their outstanding academic performance:

Gold Award for Outstanding Academic Performance
LI, Ruizhe  (CSCIN, year 4)
WONG, Hin  (CSCIN, year 2)
WU, Yifan  (CSCIN, year 2)
VONG, Hou Lam  (CSCIN, year 3)

Silver Award for Outstanding Academic Performance
CHAN, Maxwell Chun Sum  (CSCIN, year 4)
DENG, Zihao   (CSCIN, year 4)
FANG, Juncheng   (CSCIN, year 3)
JIANG, Chenyu   (CSCIN, year 3)
LAI, Ziliang  (CSCIN, year 2)
LUO, Lu   (CSCIN, year 2)
SO, Chi Fung  (CSCIN, year 2)
WEI, Qi  (CSCIN, year 2)

Bronze Award for Outstanding Academic Performance
CHEN, Weirong  (CSCIN, year 3)
CHOW, Kwan Ting Jeremy  (CSCIN, year 2)
DENG, Shiyuan  (CSCIN, year 3)
JIN, Fenglei  (CSCIN, year 2)
LI, Jiaxin   (CSCIN, year 3)
LIU, Zhenyuan   (CSCIN, year 2)
LUK, Ming Ho  (CSCIN, year 3)
NG, Kai Wing Kelvin  (CSCIN, year 4)
WONG, Yuk  (CENGN, year 4)
YANG, Zhilin  (CSCIN, year 3)
ZHANG, Yuechen  (CSCIN, year 3)
ZHOU, Jinan  (CSCIN, year 4)