Computer Science Students Won the Samsung “Solve for Tomorrow 2015”

Congratulations to our CS students IP Kar Shun, SI-TOU Shun Kit, LEUNG Man Ho and LAM Wai Kwan won the champion in “Samsung Solve for Tomorrow” app development competition. The objective of this competition is to develop an App that would serve as a training tool for children with ADHD.

Project: GalaxyMaze – Unleashing Children’s Potential

GalaxyMaze is a game targeted at ADHD kids. The simple and intuitive game is designed to train their three major weaknesses – inattentiveness, hyperkinesia and weak short-term memory.

The core objective is simple. Players have to guide the marble through the maze by tilting their devices to finish their mission. To provide the best to ADHD kids and their parents, we have included dozens of tailor-made features like health lock, hints, tutorial mode, replay mode, reward system, and an attractive and yet relaxing user interface.

There are two game modes: Classic mode and Adventure mode. Classic mode is a decent maze game, while adventure mode requires the collaboration of kids and parents.