Computer Science Students Won the Champion and the “My Favourite Project” Award of the HKIE Joint Institutes Competition 2014

Congratulations to YUNG, Man Lee (CS), Chan Chun Kit (CS), Keung Nga Fong (MAE) and Chan Chuen Wai (MAE) won the champion of the HKIE Joint Institutes Competition 2014. The project named “Visually-impaired Positioning System” is a new guiding system to facilitate the visually-impaired to go out in a more safety way and explore a new place independently with a special designed guide stick. They also won the “My Favourite Project” Award.

Theme of the HKIE Joint Institutes Competition 2014 is to encourage students proposing a feasible high technology idea or solution in any engineering discipline, in order to eliminate an existing problem or improve our quality of living. Our students¡¦ project “VPS” can provide a real-time guide to the visually-impaired on their way to their destination and exploring new places. At each turning point of the guiding tiles, VPS can give the direction to destination. By obtaining an actual position of the user, VPS can also act as an emergency contact device to ensure the safety of the user.