ACM ICPC is the largest computer programming contest in the world. The ACM ICPC is an activity of the ACM that provides college students with an opportunity to demonstrate and sharpen their problem-solving and computing skills. The contest is considered to be the "Olympics of Computer Programming". This year it has attracted 8,305 teams representing 2,070 universities in 88 countries. Only 100 teams will advance to the World Finals 2010, which will be held in Orlando, Florida on May 27-31.

We have sent 5 teams to participate in the Asian regional contests. It is our great pleasure that the team 1 "ManiAC" has advanced to the world finals 2010. ManiAC did very well in both Jakarta Site and Kuala Lumpur site. They solved 9 problems and ranked 3rd in Jakarta site. Then they solved all 10 problems in 4 hours and became champion in Kuala Lumpur site, which is the first time for us to win Asian regional contest in 10 years! Congratulate to the team members of ManiAC: Ng Yue Hei (CS Y4), Hung Chun Ho (CS PG2), Li Cheuk Ting (MIE Y3).

And Team 2 "IsolatE" is also outstanding in regional site. They solved 9 problems and ranked 6 in Jakarta site, and then solved 7 problems in Kaohsiung Taiwan. Team 2 is really impressive, especially considering that the team is very young. They are our hope in the future!

Other teams have also done good jobs. Team 3\4\5 joined in contest in Jakarta. "M-Queen" solved 6 problems and ranked 12th . "Puissance" solved 5 problems and ranked 13th. Finally, "Arcadia" ranked 14th also with 5 problems solved. Congratulate to all the teams.

The regional contests have been very valuable experiences for all the team members. Come and join us if you are interested in the programming contests.

CUHK ACM programming team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Team members of ManiAC: Hung Chun Ho (CS PG2), Li Cheuk Ting (MIE Y3), Ng Yue Hei (CS Y4)

Team members of IsolatE: Hon Man Hin (CS Y1), Yuen Chak Fai (QFN Y1), Law Wai Hon (CS Y2)

Team members of M-Queen: Yu Yuanming (CS PG1), Ding Qian (CS Y3), Zhang Qi (CS Y3)

Team members of Puissance: Lee Chin Ho (MAT Y3), Kwok Tsz Pui (CS Y2), Sham Yik Hin (CS Y2)

Team members of Arcadia: Yip Kit Sang (CS Y3), Peng Hao (CS Y4), Lin Jian (MIE Y4)