Exchange Programme

Student could apply for term-time exchange or summer exchange in pre-final year through the Office of Academic Links (OAL). If you receive the offer from the host university, you are required to apply for suspension. Please submit the suspension form (exchange) with the official offer letter from the host university to our department ( for approval.

Student can also apply for credit transfer after exchange. We highly recommended student to apply for pre-approval on credit transfer before taking courses in the host university.

Credit transfer guideline:

To get the pre-approval for credit transfer on AIST/CENG/CSCI courses:

Please send the following course information (Name of institution, Course code, Course title, Course description, No. of credit, Assessment scheme, Reading list, Course website, etc) to

Grade requirement:

Student is required to obtain grade B or above in the course shown on the transcript.


Student could apply the credit transfer via CUSIS. Please upload your transcript and the email approval (if any) in your application.