Group Meeting Files (Spring, 2017)

Intelligence Group

Date Topic Presenter #1 Presenter #2 Files
Jan. 9 Welcome
Jan. 16 Xiaotian Yu
Jan. 23 Tong Zhao
Jan. 30 Chinese New Year
Feb. 6 Xixian Chen
Feb. 13 Unsupervised Representation Learning Yue Wang slidespaper
Feb. 20 Using Fast Weights to Attend to the Recent Past Wang Chen slidespaper
Feb. 27 Social Networks Under Stress Hongyi Zhang slidespaper
Mar. 6 Albert Li
Mar. 13
Mar. 20 Weight Normalization Jiani Zhang slides
Mar. 27 Han Shao Jiani Zhang
Apr. 3 Parallel and Distributed Block Coordinate Frank Wolfe Yuxin Su slides
Apr. 10 Jichuan Zeng
Apr. 17 Ken Chan
Apr. 24 Pengpeng Liu

System Group

Date Presenters & Reports
01/10 Shilin

All seminars

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