My Weekly Schedule (Spring, 2012)

Monday11:30-12:30View Lab Meeting
Monday13:30-14:30Intelligence Group Meeting
Wednesday14:00-15:00Jieming, Zibin, Yilei, Yu
Wednesday15:00-15:30Weiwei, Liang, Zibin
Wednesday15:30-16:00Yangfan, Junjie
Wednesday16:00-17:00Yangfan, Haibo, Yiwei

Group Meeting Files

01-18NingApplication of Machine Learning to Epileptic Seizure DetectionPresentation
01-18QirunLLVM and Clang: Advancing Compiler TechnologyPresentation
02-01XinxinLearning Relevance from Heterogeneous Social Network and Its Application in Online Targeting week1.ppt
02-01Priyanka Maximizing the Spread of Influence through a Social Network maximizing-the-spread-of-influence.ppt
02-08JunjieMD: Mobility-assisted Diagnosis for Wireless Sensor NetworksPresentation
02-08Xinxin FRM: Modeling Sponsored Search Log with Full Relational Model att.ppt
02-15ShouyuanHilbert space embeddings of hidden Markov modelspectral-hmm.pdf
02-15JiemingOpen Cirrus: A Global Cloud Computing TestbedPresentation
02-22YuA Multi Cloud Service Co-deployment MechanismPresentation
02-22YiweiWING: A Consistent Computing PlatformPresentation
02-29BaichuanTSSR AlgorithmPresentation
02-29GuangFinding your friends and following them to where you arePresentation
03-14ChenOrdRec: An Ordinal Model for Predicting Personalized Item Rating Distributionsordrec.ppt
03-14ChaoEffective Query Formulation with Multiple Information SourcesPresentation
03-21Haiqinadaptive regularizationPresentation
03-21JiemingWSP: A Network Coordinate based Web Service Positioning Framework for Response Time PredictionPresentation
03-28LiangKey Techniques for Web Service DiscoveryPresentation
03-28YingyuanRelative AttributesPresentation
04-11YileiAn Online Performance Prediction Framework for Service-Oriented SystemsPresentation
04-11HaiboPerformance Problems Diagnosis in Cloud Computing Systems by Mining Request Trace LogsPresentation
04-18WeiweiProbabilistic Model-Driven Recovery in Distributed SystemsPresentation

All seminars

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