Group Meeting Files (Fall, 2016)

Intelligence Group

Date Topic Presenter #1 Presenter #2 Files
Sep. 6 Welcome Xiaotian Yu
Sep. 13
Sep. 20 Deep Learning I Han Shao
Sep. 28 Deep Learning II Yue Wang slides
Oct. 4 Deep Learning III Jiani Zhang slides
Oct. 11 Deep Learning IV Wang Chen Albert Li
Oct. 18 Deep Learning V Shenglin Zhao Hongyi Zhang slidesslides
Oct. 25 Attention Model in NLP Xixian Chen Jichuan Zeng slides
Nov. 1 Deep metric learning using Triplet network Yuxin Su Tong Zhao slides
Nov. 8 Improving the Quality of Crowdsourcing Ken Chan slides

System Group

Date Presenters & Reports
Dec.6 Yuxin Pinjia Wang Yue Cuiyun Jian Jichuan
Dec.19 Pinjia

All seminars

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