My Weekly Schedule (Spring, 2010)

Monday10:30-11:30Zibin, Yilei
Monday11:30-13:30VIEW Project
Monday13:30-14:30Yangfan, Xinyu
Monday14:30-15:30Junjie, Yuanxiong (+Yangfan)
Monday15:30-16:30Group Meeting
Monday16:30-17:30Machine Learning Group
Tuesday13:30-14:30Qirun, Wujie
Thursday17:15-18:00FYP meeting

Group Meeting Schedule

2010-02-01Xinyu, Yangfan
2010-02-08Zibin, Wujie
2010-02-22Chao, Haiqin
2010-03-01Junjie, Hao
2010-03-15Zibin, Yilei
2010-03-22Qirun, Yuanxioing
2010-04-12Junjie, Hao
2010-04-19Wujie, Zibin

Group Meeting Files

02-01XinyuFighting Against Software DefectsPresentation
02-08ZibinInvestigating QoS of Web Services by Distributed EvaluationPresentation
03-22YuanxiongChallenges in the CloudPresentation
03-22QirunStories of the past and a future topic on API recommendationPresentation
02-08WujieAPI recommendationPresentation
02-22HaiqinMachine Learning & Our WorkPresentation
03-29HaiqinOnline Learning for Group LassoPresentation
04-12MahaoDiversifying Query Suggestion Results Presentation
04-12JunjieSoftware Reliability in WSNs Presentation
03-01MahaoRecommender Systems with Social Regularization
03-01JunjieImproving the Congestion Performance in WSNs via Queueing Disciplines Presentation
01-26JackyDeformable surface recovery and its applicationsPresentation
03-15YileiWSExpress: A QoS-Aware Search Engine for Web Services Presentation
02-22ChaoA Classification-based Approach to Question Routing in Community Question AnsweringPresentation

All seminars

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