2011 Reliability Engineering Workshop Presentation Schedule

Term 1, Fall 2011

  • Day: 2011-11-15
  • Time: 9am - 12noon
  • Venue: Room 1027, SHB Engineering Building
Qiang XuMini Keynote: Fault-tolerant computing - It's time to cross the layer for cost-effectiveness Presentation
Xinyu Routing and Debugging in Wireless Sensor Networks Presentation
Xiao LiuTrace-based post-silicon validation for VLSI circuits Presentation
YangfanProtocol Reusable Presentation
Feng Yuantest and fault-tolerance for timing error Presentation
ZibinQoS Management of Web Services Presentation
Li JiangArchitecture Vulnerability Analysis for Hardware Timing-Error
JunjieRealProct: Reliable Protocol Conformance Testing with Real Nodes for Wireless Sensor Networks Presentation
Rong YeLearning-Based Power Management on ProcessorsPresentation
QirunPointer Analysis via Graph Reachability Presentation
Jie Zhangfault-tolerant NoC-based Manycore system: reconfiguration & scheduling Presentation
Yilei Collaborative QoS Prediction in Cloud Computing Presentation
Yuxi LiuCircuit Timing Problem Driven OptimizationPresentation
Kang YuVerifiable cloud computing Presentation
ZelongThe Lightweight Diagnostic Description Language DesignPresentation
Jiemin Topics in Network Coordinates for Internet Distance EstimationPresentation
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