Group Meeting Presentation Schedule(Spring, 2006)

Group 1

Group 2

Date Research Group Study Group
Speaker Title of Presentation Speaker Title of Presentation
18-Jan Allen (Study Ch.3)
25-Jan Irwin Zenglin (Study Ch.4)
8-Feb Jackie Fast marching method and deformation invariant feature Haixuan (Study Ch.5)
15-Feb Steven Jackie (Study Ch.6)
22-Feb Allen PageSim: A Link-based Measure of Web Page Similarity PengXiang (Study Ch.11)
1-Mar Xiwen Steven (Study MM)
8-Mar DS A Multi-Sub-Swarm PSO Algorithm for Multimodal Function Optimization, Brief Introduction to ICL Allen
15-Mar Wyman Diffusion Distance for Histogram Comparison Zenglin
22-Mar PengXiang Haixuan
29-Mar Zenglin Jackie
12-Apr Haixuan PengXiang
19-Apr Steven

FYP Meeting Presentation Schedule

Date Speaker Title of Presentation
12-Apr LYU0503 Document Image Reconstruction on Mobile Using Onboard Camera
LYU0502 P2P Digital TV Recorder

Other seminars

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