My Weekly Schedule (Fall, 2009)

Tuesday09:00-10:00Zibin, Yilei (Web Service)
Tuesday10:00-11:00Junjie, Yuanxiong (Sensor Network)
Tuesday12:00-14:00Group Lunch (System Group, 8 students)
Tuesday14:00-15:00Wujie, Qirun (Software Engineering)
Tuesday15:00-16:00Xinyu, Yangfan (Sensor Network)
Tuesday16:00-18:00Machine Learning Meeting
Tuesday18:00-20:00Group Dinner (Machine Learning Group)
Wednesday16:30-17:30FYP Meeting
Friday11:30-12:30VIEW Lab Meeting
Friday16:00-17:00Whole Group Meeting

Group Meeting Files

10-23XinxinFusing Rating-based and Hitting-based Algorithms in Recommender SystemsPresentation
10-23HaiqinTri-class support vector machinePresentation
10-30WujieRandom test generation of unit tests-randoop experience.ppt Presentation
10-30YileiByzantine Fault Tolerance in Stateful Web ServicePresentation
11-13QirunTesting for Bu er Over ows by Length-Driven Symbolic ExecutionPresentation
11-20YangfanCloud Computing A Trend Taking Shape Presentation
11-20Junjie Node-level Debugging Based on FSM in Wireless Sensor NetworksPresentation
11-27YuanxiongTrends and Selected Topics in Security Presentation
12-04HaoWish Upon A Hero
10-30ChaoNext Question PredictionPresentation

All seminars

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