Husky: Towards a More Efficient and Expressive Distributed Computing Framework

Fan Yang, Jinfeng Li, James Cheng. PVLDB Volume 9 Issue 5, 2015

A Comparison of General-Purpose Distributed Systems for Data Processing

Jinfeng Li, James Cheng, Yunjian Zhao, Fan Yang, Yuzhen Huang, Haipeng Chen, Ruihao Zhao. BigData, 2016

LFTF: A Framework for Efficient Tensor Analytics

Fan Yang, Fanhua Shang, Yuzhen Huang, James Cheng, Jinfeng Li, Yunjian Zhao, Ruihao Zhao. PVLDB Volume 10 Issue 7, 2016

LoSHa: A General Framework for Scalable Locality Sensitive Hashing

Jinfeng Li, James Cheng, Fan Yang, Yuzhen Huang, Yunjian Zhao, Xiao Yan, Ruihao Zhao. SIGIR, 2017

A General and Efficient Querying Method for Learning to Hash

Jinfeng Li, Xiao Yan, Jian Zhang, An Xu, James Cheng, Jie Liu, Kelvin Ng, and Ti-Chung Cheng. SIGMOD, 2018

Research of Interns

Distributed and Scalable Variance-reduced Stochastic Gradient Descent.

Kelvin Kai Wing Ng.       report   poster

Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency on Husky.

Jiayi Wu.       report   poster

Implementation of SGD for Generalized Linear Model on Husky.

NG Ka Lok.       report   poster

Distributed Logistic Regression.

Yidi Wu.       report   poster

Distributed Graph Algorithms on Husky.

Shuhe Li.       report   poster

Implement Density Based Spatial Clustering Application with Noise (DBSCAN) and its variants on Husky.

Changji Li.       report   poster

Distributed BM25.

Leung Shing Yuet.       report   poster

Dimensionality Reduction Algorithms on Husky.

Ergute Bao, Jie Liu.       report   poster

Implementation of a High-Performance Distributed Web Crawler and Big Data Applications with Husky.

Franklin Lee.       report   poster

Principal Component Analysis on Husky.

Jie Liu, Ergute Bao.       report   poster

Implementation and Analysis of Collision Counting LSH on Husky.

Ti-Chung Cheng.       report