This web page contains description of Dr. Kin Hong Wong's course CENG3430/ESTR3100(Elite Class) Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems
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CENG3430/ESTR3100(Elite Class) Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems Course Outline: This course introduces digital prototyping techniques such as the use of a hardware description language for hardware system development, and the methods for interfacing field programmable devices to memory systems and microprocessors. Techniques to build reliable digital systems in the presence of power supply variation, high frequency effects, transmission line effects and noise are also discussed.

  • Course Professors:
        Yang Ming Chang (mcyangcse)and Wong Kin Hong (khwongcse)

    Course tutors:   Zheng Zhiliang (zlzeng@cse), Lo Sheung lai, Lester(sllo@cse)

    Honesty in Academic work

    Honesty in Academic work

    Tutorial and lab pages
    eLearning at CUHK (b21..)
    Tutorials for ISE
    • ise14_manual (how to use XILINX project navigator v1.46 and FPGA board)
    Lecture Notes and tutorials

    Marking scheme and Exams  
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    Lecture Notes and tutorials

    A) Computer Aided Digital Design Techniques: VHDL (tool: Xilinx IDE Design Suite 12.1) , see also useful hardware links

                    Class exercise: In each lecture, a class exercise will be given to students, a student should complete the exercise and submit it to the professor at the end of the lecture. The total marks for class exercises are 10% of the whole course.

    Reading exercises

    VHDL 0: Course overview A_brief_history_of_vhdl
    Free_range_vhdl Ch.1 Golden rules

    VHDL 1: Introduction, reference list Computer Architecture and FPGAs types and objects page 8-22

    VHDL 2: Identifiers, data objects and data types

    VHDL 3: Basic operators and architecture body (Hamblen, read_online) Ch.6.1-->Ch. 6.7

    VHDL 4: Building blocks of a computer

    VHDL 5: Finite State Machines FSM

    VHDL 6: FSM Examples Free_range_vhdl Ch.7 FSM

    VHDL 7: Use of signals Ch2.6 of Digital Systems Design Using VHDL, Charles H. Roth (1st ed.) Page 65

    Free_range_vhdl Ch3.4 signals and variables

    VHDL 8: Application example UART vhdl_sample

    VHDL 9: Programmable Logic families FPGA

    Free Project ppt (updated with testVGA hints) (demo of how to use VGA on Zedboard)

    Please read the following link, you may get ideas for your own course free project.
    Xilinx and Zedboard projects

    B) High speed digital circuits 1
    C) High speed digital circuits 2

    Marking scheme and Exams CENG3430/ESTR3100(Elite Class)

    References (available in the University Bookstore)

    Useful Links: There are some useful links related to the course

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