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CENG4480 Embedded System Development and Applications – Fall 2021

Lecture: W15:30–17:15 @MMW702 zoom link
Lab: H12:30–14:15 @SHB 102 zoom link
Course Professor: Prof. Bei Yu byu@cse.cuhk.edu.hk
Course tutors: Binwu Zhu bwzhu@cse.cuhk.edu.hk
Hongduo Liu hdliu21@cse.cuhk.edu.hk


Course Requirements:


Lectures and Labs

Date Lecture Date Tutorial
Sep 08 Lec01 Introduction (slides) Sep 09 No Lab
Sep 15 Lec02 Op-Amp–1 (slides) [2] Ch12.1–12.2 Sep 16 No Lab
Sep 22 Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Sep 23 Lab 1 op-amp1 (report, tutorial)
Sep 29 Lec03 Op-Amp–2 (slides) [2] Ch12.3–12.6 Sep 30 Lab 2 op-amp2 (report, tutorial)
Oct 06 Lec04 ADC (slides) Oct 07 Lab 3 filter (report, tutorial)
Oct 13 Lec05 Sensors (slides) Oct 14 Chung Yeung Festival
Oct 20 Lec06 PID (slides) Oct 21 Lab 4 intro2arduino (tutorial)
Oct 27 Lec07 Kalman Filter–1 (slides) [5] [6] Oct 28 Lab 5 sound-rec (report, tutorial, code)
Nov 03 Lec08 Kalman Filter–2 (slides) Nov 04 Degree Congregation
Nov 10 Midterm Nov 11 Lab 6 Self-balancing platform (report, code)
Nov 17 Lec09 Memory–1 (slides) [3] Ch12.2–12.5 Nov 18 Lab 7 Robot-hardware (tutorial, report, code)
Nov 24 Lec10 Memory–2 (slides) [3] Ch11 Nov 25 Lab 8 Robot-software (report, code)
Dec 01 Lec11 Clock (slides) [4] Ch5 Dec 02 Review


All homeworks should be submitted through blackboard before the due day. Late submission is subject to a penalty.

Important Dates