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CMSC5707 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence

This web page contains information about the course CMSC5707: Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence (course description)
This course will cover selected topics from: advanced pattern recognition, neural networks, expert systems and fuzzy systems, evolutionary computing, learning theory, constraint processing, logic programming, probabilistic reasoning, computer vision, speech processing, and natural language processing.
Edited:  4 Sept. 2017

Official webpage of cmsc5707

Date: 15 Sept  2017 (Fri)
Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Venue:  Venue: WMY 407 Wu Ho Man Yuen Building (WMY) (CUHK Campus (Map))
Final Exam: Official webpage of cmsc5707.  The final examination will cover all materials from chapter 1 to 9.
No. of Enrollment: 60
TAs of part 1 : Zhiliang Zeng zlzeng@cse,  Calvin Kam (hckam@cse),
Final examination will cover all materials from chapter 1 to 9

Honesty in Academic work

The part taught by Prof. KH Wong
wav sounds/ Matlab code

Ch1: Introduction to audio signal processing  1
tz1, tz2, sor1, violin3x
A4_oboe  ,   trumpet  ,   sor1,
A4_violin  ,A5_flute 

Ch2: Pre-processing of audio signals

Time & frequency domain processing, Fourier transform, spectrogram

Ch3: Feature extraction from audio signals

Filtering, LPC , Cepstral coefficients
Assignment1(Submission deadline: 22 Oct 2017, 23:59)

Ch4: Feature representation and compression:Vector quantization

VQ, K-means

Ch5: Speech Recognition

End point detection, per-emphasis, distortion measures, dynamic programming 5707_revision_Q&A_audio.doc

Ch6: Classification using Adaboost,

Classifiers, boosting

Ch7: Face detection 4
Face features, Attentional cascade,

Ch8: Neural Networks

Feed-forward, feed-backward networks, training and recognition

Ch9: Convolution Neural Network CNN
Convolution Neural Network CNN

The final examination will cover all materials from chapter 1 to 9.

  • 5707_assign2  (50% marks for the written part, 50% marks for the programming part), please download the files from:
    • Deadline for assignment2 is 23:59, 19 Nov, 2017
  • If you have problems, write directly to your tutor
Revision exercises can be found at

Advanced topics (reference only , The followings will not be included in the examination) References