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CMSC5707 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence

This web page contains information about the course CMSC5707: Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence (course description)
This course will cover selected topics from: advanced pattern recognition, neural networks, expert systems and fuzzy systems, evolutionary computing, learning theory, constraint processing, logic programming, probabilistic reasoning, computer vision, speech processing, and natural language processing.
Edited:  13 Oct. 2018

Official webpage of cmsc5707

Date: From 7 Sept.  2018 (Fri)
Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Venue:  Venue: YIA 201, CUHK (new from 21 Sept. 2018) Campus (Map)
Final Exam: Date and venue can be found at the Official webpage of cmsc5707 ( the link is shown above).  The final examination will cover all materials from chapter 1 to 9.

No. of Enrollment: 60
TAs of part 1 : Zhiliang Zeng (zlzeng@cse),  Calvin Kam (hckam@cse),
Final examination will cover all materials from chapter 1 to 9

Honesty in Academic work

The part taught by Prof. KH Wong
Titles: Teaching materials will be updated regularly
wav sounds/ Matlab code

Ch1: Introduction to audio signal processing  1
tz1, tz2, sor1, violin3x
A4_oboe  ,   trumpet  ,   sor1,
A4_violin  ,A5_flute 

Ch2: Pre-processing of audio signals

Time & frequency domain processing, Fourier transform, spectrogram

Ch3: Feature extraction from audio signals

Filtering, LPC , Cepstral coefficients
Assignment1( in )
23:59, deadline 14 Oct 2018
Tutorial file: CMSC5707assignment1_audio.pptx
Ch4: Feature representation and compression:Vector quantization

VQ, K-means

Ch5: Speech Recognition

End point detection, per-emphasis, distortion measures, dynamic programming 5707_revision_Q&A_audio.doc

Ch6: Classification using Adaboost,

Classifiers, boosting

Ch7: Face detection 4
Face features, Attentional cascade,

Ch8: Neural Networks

Feed-forward, feed-backward networks, training and recognition

Ch9: Convolution Neural Network CNN
Convolution Neural Network CNN

The final examination will cover all materials from chapter 1 to 9.

Assignment2( in )
23:59, deadline 4  Nov. 2018
Teaching time table:

Time table 2018, Fridays

7.9 (KH Wong 1)

14.9 (KH Wong 2)

21.9 (KH Wong 3)

28.9 (KH Wong 4)

5.10 (KH Wong 5)

12.10 (KH Wong 6)

19.10 (KS Leung 1)

26.10 (KS Leung 2)

2.11 (KS Leung 3)

9.11 (KS Leung 4)

16.11 (KS Leung 5)

23.11 (KS Leung 6)

30 .11 (EXAM)

Revision exercises can be found at

Advanced topics (reference only , The followings will not be included in the examination) References