Graduate Students


Haoyu Yang

PhD candidate, Fall 2016 –
B.S., Tianjin Univ


Yuzhe Ma

PhD candidate, Fall 2016 –
B.E., Sun Yat-Sen Univ


Hao Geng

PhD student, Fall 2017 –
M.S., Imperial College London


Tinghuan Chen

PhD student, Fall 2017 –
M.E., Southeast Univ
B.E., Southeast Univ


Ran Chen

PhD student, Fall 2018 –


Lu Zhang

PhD student, Fall 2018 –
B.E., Fudan Univ


Qi Sun

PhD student, Fall 2018 –


Wanli Chen

PhD student, Fall 2019 –
B.E., SUSTech


Zhuolun He

PhD student, Fall 2019 –
B.S., Peking Univ


Wei Li

MPhil student, Fall 2019 –

Research Assistants

Zhili Liu Sep 2018 MSc student @CUHK
Hao Wu Sep 2018 MSc student @CUHK
Ajay Singh Jan 2019 BE student @CUHK
Wenqian Zhao Jan 2019 BS student @CUHK
Mudit Chaudhary Feb 2019 BS student @CUHK
Boxun Xu Mar 2019 BS student @UESTC
Ziyang Yu Mar 2019 MPhil student @HKU
Linyi Wang Apr 2019 MSc student @HKUST
Peiyu Liao Apr 2019 MSc student @HKUST

Internal Information

2019-20 Final Year Projects

BYU1901 Ali Ahad Mukhida, Mudit Chaudhary Revisiting Object Detection Model
BYU1902 TBD Neural Network Compression
BYU1903 Lok-Yin Chow, Mandy Yuk-Man Hong Neural Architecture Search
BYU1904 Wen Chen, Shifan Zhang Layout Pattern Generation via Deep Neural Networks

2018-19 Final Year Projects

BYU1801 Kevin Chan, Jack Chi-Wai Ng Speedup Neural Network Inference
BYU1802 Roy Hok-Lai Szeto, Jason Tsz-Hin Tsang Speedup Neural Network using FPGA
BYU1803 Sibin Zhang, Jiahao Geng Neural Network Design Space Exploration
BYU1804 Nelson Chak-Hong Chan Deep Learning with application in VLSI Layout


Research Assistants

Shuhe Li May 2017 Feb 2019 BS student @CUHK
Zihao Deng May 2018 Feb 2019 BS student @CUHK
Yingbo Zhang May 2018 Dec 2018 BS student @CUHK
Yunpeng Ding Jul 2018 Oct 2018 BS student @Nanjing Univ
Tianhua Zhang May 2018 Sep 2018 BS student @CUHK-CS
Fenglei Jin May 2018 Sep 2018 BS student @CUHK-CS
Mingzhi Lyu May 2017 Sep 2018 BS student @CUHK-CS
Qi Xu Sep 2017 Nov 2017 PhD student @USTC -> Lecturer @Hefei Univ of Technology
Jiamin Chen May 2017 Oct 2017 BS student @CUHK-CS
Yujie Li Jul 2017 Sep 2017 BS student @Zhejiang Univ
Tinghuan Chen Mar 2017 May 2017 MEng student @Southeast Univ
Fengxian Jiao May 2016 Sep 2016 MEng student @Tsinghua Univ
Yibo Lin Jun 2016 Aug 2016 PhD student @UT Austin -> Assistant Professor@Peking Univ
Luyang Luo Jun 2016 Aug 2016 BS student @CUHK-CS
Haoyu Yang Mar 2016 Jun 2016 MEng student @Tianjin Univ
Yuzhe Ma Mar 2016 May 2016 BE student @Sun Yat-Sen Univ

Selected Summer Research Projects

2018 Zihao Deng A High Performance GAN based OPC Engine
2018 Fenglei Jin Speed Up Neural Network Inference” (Faculty Best Poster Award)
2018 Yingbo Zhang Neural Network Design Space Exploration
2017 Jiamin Chen Active Learning Model Based on Gaussian Process Prediction Uncertainty for Adder Design Space Exploration
2017 Shuhe Li Optical Proximity Correction using GAN
2017 Wei Li Sparse-sparse Convolution Acceleration in Deep Convolutional Neural Network” (Faculty Best Poster Award)
2017 Yajun Lin Deep Learning Method for Hotspot Detection
2016 Luyang Luo Deep Learning for VLSI Layout Hotspot Detection

Selected Final Year Projects

BYU1704 Qian Sun, Shen Yan NVDLA Open Source Project
BYU1703 Zizhen Wang, Yin-Lai Cheng Object Detection in 2018 System Design Contest
BYU1701 Jeon-Cheol Su Load Prediction of Power Generators Using Semi-Supervised Learning
BYU1604 King-Sang Ng, Tsz-Kin Chan An FPGA Implementation of VLSI Hotspot Detection
BYU1602 Yige Zhang, Ziyang Feng Routing Congestion Estimation for Large-Scale Heterogeneous FPGAs Using Machine Learning