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====== Data Mining Technical Committee, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society... ====== [[http://ie... rch 12, 2007. Prof. Irwin King accepted the invitation to be a member of the [[|Data Mining Technical Committee]], IEEE Computational Intelligence Society. This year's Chair is Prof. Kate Smith-Miles (Deakin University, Australia), together with Vice-Chairs Prof. Eamonn Keogh
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DISCUSSION~~ ===== Fellowship Night ===== * **Date**: Sunday, June 9 * **Time**: 4:00 pm onwards;... h for worship; 6:30-ish for dinner * **Venue**: At the King's * Take the "H" bus every 00, 20, and 40 on the hour from the University Station. * Sundays and Public Holidays bus schedule is... nagers welcome!** \\ \\ <fs larger>**Please indicate whether you are coming or not, and how many are
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====== Sign-up for CSM Facilitator Fellowship Night @ The King's ====== ~~DISCUSSION ON~~ ===== Worship and Prayer ===== * **Date**: Sunday, November 17, 2013 * **Time**: * 3:00 pm (I should be at home so you are welcome to use the kitchen to prepare) * 4:00 pm Welcome and worship * 6:00 pm Dinner * **Venue**: * At the King's, Block #4, 6B, CUHK, 9855 8852 * **Free Sh
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nts to acquire an understanding of university education, the role of university students in the societ... a small group and a less structured teaching format. Throughout the course, students are expected to explore topics related to university education (e.g., on the values and missions), roles of universi... ith the aims of promoting problem-solving, presentation and report writing skills. Students are expect
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====== CSCI2100 Data Structures ====== ===== Discussion forum ===== [[ ur **discussion forum**. ===== Merits ===== Congratulations again to these students who did an incred... ample solutions are out, along with some other related problems in same topics. {{:teaching:csci2100:h... /font></html> Due to the breakdown of SPARC workstations, we temporarily postpone the submission deadl
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====== CSCI2100 Data Structures ====== ==== Breaking News ==== - <hi yellow>** 19 April 2015**</hi>. The last tutorial will be given at 5:30 pm, 20 April in ERB 407. - <hi yellow>** 15 April 2015**... red an archive of sample code for almost all the data structures you've learnt by now. Please download... /dsaa_c2e/files.html|here]]. We've combined each data structure into one single file for your convenie
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~~META: creator = Irwin King subject = machine learning, web intelligence, social computing, v... plagiarism detection, recommender system, collaborative filtering, ranking algorithm, link analysis, e... c_lab:home|WISC Lab]]</fs> ;;# [[|"...the truth s... l set you free.", Caltech's Motto]] ;;# \\ Associate Dean (Education), Engineering Faculty\\ Professo
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====== CSCI2100 Data Structures ====== ===== Discussion forum ===== [[ can come to SHB 1024 to check your midterm examination paper if needed. - <hi yellow>**30 March 201... rch 2017**</hi> The solutions of WA3 have been updated. - <hi yellow>**27 March 2017**</hi> The solu... ></html> The mid-term programming exam will be located in two rooms Rm924 SHB and Rm904 SHB. From 5:30
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DISCUSSION ON~~ ===== Afternoon Tea ===== * **Date**: Thursday, August 16, 2013 * **Time**: 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm * **Venue**: At the King's **Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please indicate if you are willing to help and how below.** <doodle 20130816-afternoontea> ^ Coming to the aftern
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====== Sign-up for Shatin Care Group @ The King's ====== ~~DISCUSSION ON~~ ===== Shatin Care Group ===== * **Date**: Saturday, September 7, 2013 * **Time**: * 3:40 pm worship * 4:00 pm - 6... study * 6:30 pm dinner * **Venue**: * At the King's, Block #4, 6B, CUHK, 9855 8852 *... ransport_unit/timetable_I.pdf|here]]. * At or after 7:00 pm, take the "N" bus every 00, 15,
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===== Run for STOP Half-marathon Reunion Dinner ===== * **Date**: Saturday, February 10, 2018 * **Time**: Dinner starts at 6:00 pm, come for fellowship after 2:00 pm * **Venue**: * At the K... **Free Shuttle Bus** * **Weekdays and Saturday before 7:00 pm**, take the #3 bus every 00, ... metable_I.pdf|here]]. * **Weekdays and Saturday at or after 7:00 pm**, take the "N" bus ever
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== ~~DISCUSSION ON~~ ===== Program ===== * **Date**: Sunday, March 30, 2014 * **Time**: * 4:... aking * 6:30 pm Dinner * **Venue**: * At the King's, Block #4, 6B, CUHK, 9855 8852 *... _unit/timetable_I.pdf|here]]. * Weekday at or after 7:00 pm, take the "N" bus every 00, 15, 30, and 45 on the hour from the University MTR Station (港鐵大學站) to Residences No. 3 & 4 (三、四苑). The b
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~~NOTOC~~ ====== INNS Senior Membership Nomination and Application Form ====== ===== INNS Membership ... ce 2008 the INNS has introduced a new membership category of Senior Member (SM) to recognize INNS memb... INNS members to a higher recognition membership status. We call for 2011 Senior Member Nominations und... the following conditions: - A regular or affiliate member of the INNS, who has been an INNS member
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====== Tong ZHAO ====== I'm a PhD candidate in CSE department at CUHK, advised by Prof. Irwin King. I'm broadly interested in machine learning, data mining, social computing and recommender systems. ... cial computing, social network analysis * Information retrieval * Algorithmic game theory * Mult... listic graphical models ==== Conference Publications ==== *Shenglin Zhao, Tong Zhao, Irwin Kin
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