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Leading the Web to Its Full Potential… This is the page for W3C activities at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). It is a jump-off point for faculty, staff, and students of CUHK to explore the Web with W3C.

Benefit of W3C Membership

As a W3C Member, the most important measure of value in joining the Consortium can be found in the adoption of W3C specifications worldwide, and the growing dependence of global commerce and information exchange upon these specifications. W3C Members help pioneer this growth process. Levels of involvement can range from simply associating your organization with W3C endeavors, receiving early access of Member-confidential information, assisting with driving work efforts, generating new ideas, and/or developing future Web technologies.

Members enjoy a variety of W3C Membership benefits including:

  • A seat on the W3C Advisory Committee (AC), including an invitation to semi-annual Advisory Committee meetings;
  • Right to submit proposals (“Member Submissions”) to be considered for future Consortium work;
  • The ability to provide strategic direction to the Consortium through review of W3C Activity proposals and operational policies;
  • Participation in W3C Working Groups, where specifications and guidelines are developed, and in W3C Interest Groups, where discussions are conducted;
  • Invitation to W3C workshops, frequently an incubator for new technical work within the Consortium;
  • Access to the Member Web site (Member-only link) containing early information on emerging Web technologies, software, events, forums, news and announcements;
  • Access to Member-only mailing lists, hosting discussions on work underway in the Consortium;
  • Access to the W3C news service. Updates on W3C Activities, announcements for meetings, workshops and conferences, the calendar of events, and Team information are sent directly via email to AC Representatives and posted on the Member site;
  • The right to use the W3C Member Logo on your Web site and to participate in press releases, often through testimonials; and
  • The opportunity to interact and work directly with the leading companies and organizations in the Web world.

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