identifyWeiboPostRelatedWithPerson(weibo_id, pid)


Judge whether a weibo post is related to a certain person in the database or not.


Parameters Necessity Type Description
weibo_id required string the unique id for each weibo post
pid required int the serial number of a certain person in the database


Parameters Type Description
related bool True if the post is related to the person, false otherwise

See Also


  1. Find out which filter keywords that related to the person appeared in the post.
  2. Use the product of these keywords' weight as the weight of this post.
  3. Set the threshold as the weight product of the keywords that apeared in the stock name of the related company.
  4. If the weight of the post is larger than the threshold, then we take it as a related one. Otherwise, it will be labbeled as an unrelated one

Related Work

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