INNS Senior Membership Nomination and Application Form

INNS Membership Recognition and Progression Scheme 2011

Since 2008 the INNS has introduced a new membership category of Senior Member (SM) to recognize INNS members for their contributions, and to allow for a progression of the INNS members to a higher recognition membership status. We call for 2011 Senior Member Nominations under the following conditions:

  1. A regular or affiliate member of the INNS, who has been an INNS member for at least 5 consecutive years, can be nominated by an INNS member, including the applicant, for Senior Member.
  2. The applicant must have demonstrated a significant contribution to the theory and/or applications and/or education and promotion of the subject discipline, and this must be stated in the nomination letter.
  3. For 2011, an on-line senior membership application can be made through the website at:
    1. For nominator. Please send via e-mail a nomination letter for the applicant and a CV of the candidate along with other relevant materials on behalf of the applicant to the INNS VP for Membership, Irwin King <> under the Subject line: “2011 INNS Senior Membership Nomination for [Applicant's Name]”, on or before July 22, 2011.
    2. For applicant. Please fill out the on-line application form. Afterwards, please send via e-mail your CV along with other relevant materials to the INNS VP for Membership, Irwin King <> under the Subject line: “2011 INNS Senior Membership Application for [Applicant's Name]”, on or before July 22, 2011.
  4. Final confirmation of the 2011 Senior Members will be made by the INNS Board of Governors and appropriate announcements will then be made, at least on the INNS website,, and in the Tri-Society Newsletter.
  5. New Senior Members will receive an updated membership certificate in addition to the annual membership card.

INNS Membership Information

As of 2011, INNS has three types of confirmed membership categories, and the associated fees are:

  • Student (payment 1 year $25; 2 years $35)
  • Regular member (1 year $85; 2 years $125)
  • Affiliate member (1 year $30; 2 years $40) for ENNS and JNNS members

Every INNS member receives:

  1. A membership card
  2. A reduced fee to attend the annual IJCNN conference and the biennial INNS Symposia
  3. A subscription to the Tri-Society Newsletter
  4. A subscription to the premier journal Neural Networks

Important Dates for 2011 Applications

Date Description
July 22, 2011 INNS Senior Membership Application Submission Deadline
August 5, 2011 INNS Senior Membership Decision Notification


  1. Fill out the senior membership application form below.
  2. Send your recent CV and other relevant documents for the consideration of the INNS Senior Membership to Irwin King <> with the Subject line: “2011 INNS Senior Membership Application for [Your Name]” for further processing.

INNS Senior Membership Application Form
Applicant's Background Information
Final Confirmation

I agree that the information provided in this form is truthful, to the best of the organizer's knowledge.

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