Education Excellence

Dr. Irwin King has consistently being ranked as one of the top faculty members in the department by the students in teaching undergraduate as well as postgraduate students. For example, he has taught one of the best sessions of CSC2100B Data Structures. The course uses an on-line judge system similar to the ACM Inter-Collegiate Programming Contest to give students immediate feedback on their programing assignments. With this kind of feedback, the students are able to learn more effectively at any time and anywhere. In addition, he actively uses the latest technologies, e.g., wiki course page, podcasting of lectures, to provide students with up-to-date information so that the students may be able to learn their materials better. Dr. King also cares about students to provide more personal and academic advising and counseling.

Dr. King has won several exemplary teaching award in the department as well as at the faculty level. Recently, he was named the Exemplary Teacher by the Engineering Faculty in 2005.

VeriGuide System

The VeriGuide is a system that promotes academic integrity and honesty through the use of modern information technology. VeriGuide looks for similar texts in submitted documents in other submitted data, digital journals, as well as on the Internet. Currently, the system is being used at the Chinese University by over 14,000 students as well as faculty members across all eight faculties of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Moreover, the VeriGuide system is being used by a number of local secondary schools. At this time, a patent of the system is pending.

Dr. Irwin King is the Principal Investigator, the Chief Technology Architect, and Co-Founder of the VeriGuide system. He was been with the project from the design of the system, text pre-processing, matching algorithms, crawler, keyword summarization, readability analysis, etc. since the inception of the system in 2004. He also actively promotes academic integrity and honesty in education.

ACM Programming Team Coach (2001 to 2007)

Dr. Irwin King has been a coach for the ACM Programming Team for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Chinese University from 2001 to 2007. During that time, he has coached many teams to the ACM ICPC World Finals in 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2006. The best result was at the 2000 ACM ICPC World Finals in Orlando, USA where the team came in 8th Place in a field of 64 teams from all over the world. This is the best team result from Hong Kong and the record has not been broken yet.

  1. 39th place, 2006 ACM/International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) World Finals, San Antonio, USA
  2. 30th place, 2003 ACM/International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) World Finals, Beverly Hills, USA
  3. 27th place, 2002 ACM/International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) World Finals, Honolulu, USA
  4. 8th place, 2000 ACM/International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) World Finals, Orlando, USA
  1. 2nd place, 2007 ACM/ICPC (Taipei Regional)
  2. 2nd place, 2005 ACM/ICPC (Taipei Regional)
  3. 3rd place, 2002 ACM/ICPC (Xian Regional)
  4. 3rd place, 2001 ACM/ICPC (Taipei Regional)
  5. 3rd place, 2000 ACM/ICPC (Taipei Regional)
  1. 1st place, 2003 ACM (H.K. Chapter) Collegiate Programming Contest
  2. 1st place, 2002 ACM (H.K. Chapter) Collegiate Programming Contest
  3. 1st place, 2001 ACM (H.K. Chapter) Collegiate Programming Contest

International Exchange Programmes

Dr. Irwin King is the Director for International Exchange Programmes (ERGIP) for the Engineering Faculty. He actively promotes undergraduate, postgraduate, and faculty exchange programmes to renowned education institutions around the world. He is instrumental in establishing a number of new international exchange programmes with universities in the North America and Europe in recent years.

Curriculum-related Development

Dr. Irwin King was the Chair of the Curriculum Committee for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering from 2006-2009. During his tenure he was involved in:

  1. Double degree programme with the BBA Faculty of CUHK-Represented the Department to design and implement the programme and curriculum
  2. Outcomes-based Approach Teaching-Led the effort in transforming the department to a more Outcomes-Based Approach (OBA) teaching curriculum since 2006. He organized and conducted an OBA workshop for the department.
  3. Programme Review–He was an instrumental member in the department's Programme Review exercise in 2008 that received a high remark from the University.
  4. HKIE Accreditation 2009-Heavily involved with the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers' (HKIE) accreditation process in 2009 that resulted in accreditation for both the Computer Science and Computer Engineering Programmes.
  5. 334 Curriculum-Led the committee in formulating the faculty package and department's curriculum for 2012.
  6. Streamlining Programme Courses-Reorganized the basic programming courses to provide a more complete set of courses for CSE students and service courses for students from other departments.
  7. Survey and Benchmarking-Conducted benchmarking with other curricula from other universities.


The Graduate Programme Management System (GPAMS) is an online system for our graduate programme applicants to manange their own personal data. The purpose of the system is to facilitate our selection process. The system is used to process and prepare several hundreds of graduate application annually for the Graduate Panel in order to provide unbiased and up-to-date information on applications that leads to the selection of M.Phil. and Ph.D. students. This system has been in continued service since 2003.

Dr. King was the Principal Investigator and the chief architect behind the GPAMS system. He oversaw the design, development, implementation, and testing of the entire system with Mr. Terence Wong of the Computer Science and Engineering Department.


edPod is Educational Podcasting for Teaching and Learning. Podcasting is the latest technology from Apple that disseminates audio and video content via the subscription model. Many universities have begun using podcasting to deliver lectures, seminars, course information, and other related materials on the Internet through iPods. The project aims to use the iPod technology for education, in particular, to create a repository of Podcast contents, e.g., lectures, seminars, instructions, presentations, lab tours, etc. for teaching and learning.


Final Year Project Archival, Support, and Tracking System (FAST) is centralized and web-based FYP management system has been designed and implemented to provide a unified platform for faculty-wide final year project administration. Currently, FYP management is being held in a loosely organized manner, and there are seldom cross-departmental collaborations, as project supervisors are hardly informed about the status in other departments. As a result, a unified management system was proposed and implemented in order to (1) enhance the administration effectiveness and efficiency, (2) assure the project quality, (3) improve the cross-departmental collaboration, and (4) maximize the sharing of the project outcomes.

BJ-HK International Doctoral Forum

The objective of the BJ-HK International Doctoral Forum is to bring together PhD researchers contributing to all facets of networking and multimedia computing. The forum serves as a platform to share research results and ideas. The forum theme is “Network and Media Computing” with special emphases on Network Modeling and Design, Multimedia Computing, Network Multimedia Applications and Systems, and Web Intelligence and Social Computing. The forum has been running since 2006, all organized and run by PhD candidates.

Dr. Irwin King has been one of the founders who initiated this forum. He has also been the Co-Chair for a number of forums held in Hong Kong.

Apple Distinguished Educator

Dr. King was named as Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) in 2008 as one of the 1,200 ADEs globally over the years for their commitment to using technologies in education and learning.

Apple Distinguished Educators fulfill 4 primary roles:

  • Advocate: ADEs are passionate advocates for the potential of Apple technologies and they provide expert assistance and best practices to peers and policy-makers. ADEs are frequent presenters at local, state and national educational conferences.
  • Advisor: ADEs provide valuable input to Apple on the realities of integrating instructional technology into learning environments.
  • Author: ADEs publish authentic work on the Apple Learning Interchange (ALI), such as teaching and leadership best practices, exemplary lesson ideas, and a range of content items that showcase Apple solutions and technologies for the advancement of education.
  • Ambassadors: ADEs are innovators in building community and capacity for teaching and learning in a global context. Through online projects and collaboration tools, they empower each other to expand the walls of the classroom and bring global experiences to classrooms everywhere.

New Courses

Here are some exciting courses about recent novel technologies in the Computer Science and Engineering disciplines. These courses are proposed and taught by me.


  • Obtaining Travel Grants and Scholarships from Apple, 2008–2009

Dr. King actively and passionately shares his knowledge in education excellence with others. He has given many invited technical talks as well as talks on using technologies in education. See Presentations for more information.


  • Engineering Faculty GRF Workshop, August 26, 2009
  • “Say It Like Steve” Multimedia Authoring Workshop sponsored by Apple, September 30, 2008.
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    Irwin King, Invited Talk: The Dos and Don'ts of Writing Grant Applications,CUHK Research Committee: , August 11, 2008.
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