Project Description

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3. Integrated Learning Platform


Course homepage, Webct, moodle@cuhk, newsgroup and lots more learning platforms may be exist in CUHK. All of these platforms are helping us in learning with no doubt. However, it is such a pain in the neck to surf all of them once a day which is recommended to do so by our lovely Prof. and TAs. In addition, it is hard to get the latest/important announcement immediately for the sake that you need a computer to have access to the internet. Even if you have a PDA/smart-phone, it is hard to retrieve information in a tiny screen, plus most of the course homepages are not optimized for small devices. Therefore, we have decided to develop a a time saving and user-friendly platform that providing course related material and information.

Application name

Undefined yet

Target user

Prof., TAs and fellow students :-P


  • For students:
    • Whenever you wish to access any courses information
  • For Prof. & TAs:
    • Push information to student about the latest news about the course


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