FYP IK0903 Open Project - Previous Published Material

Expected Schedule

Weeks Detail Remarks
Week 05 (06/10 - 12/10) - Application interface design
- Setting up server
- Select photo from album
Week 06 (13/10 - 19/10) - In-app. photo taking
- Display GPS and compass information inside application
- Upload photos to the server
- Retrieve GPS and compass information for storing in server
Week 07 (20/10 - 26/10) - Able to switch view when phone is level and vertical
- Display Google Map inside application
Week 08 (27/10 - 02/11) - Download photos from server
- Showing photos according to the compass direction /w camera switched on
Week 09 (03/10 - 09/11) - Mapping photos onto Google Map /
Week 10 (10/11 - 16/11) - (Buffer time) /
Week 11 (17/11 - 23/11) - Documentation /
Week 12 (24/11 - 01/12) - Documentation /

* Scheduled on week 04.

Application Specification


Photo Earth Live(PEL) is an iPhone application that let people see the World in live though iPhone. The main purposes are to provide the live view of the World and event's photos based on the geographical information. To provide a brand new experience on how photos are viewed and shared. It also provide a social network platform as letting people browsing around to know more about their friends and familiar places they know very well. As everyone can upload the photos and view the photos immediately after the upload was made, much more tiny little things can show around the World what the culture at the specific place.


Level mode

In this mode, there will be a google map view. Small size photos are shown as to preview. It showing on map represent there are photos taken at a certain places. Users will be able to set the time period of the photos showing. The most recent uploaded photos will be focused. By default, the map will showing the whole World and showing a bigger preview photos around the World base on the uploading time of the photos. Zooming in the map by multi-touch will see a much detailed photo categorize. Hitting the photo will show you the photos under that location category. User can also turn on their location service to see the photos uploaded around them.

Vertical mode

While pulled up the iPhone, vertical mode will entered. It will open the camera and showing what the camera can take. Beside the live view from the camera, photos are also shown in an album view based on the GPS and direction. Distance can also be set by the user to view photos in a certain distance. Much recent uploaded photos will be showing at the top of the album. Scrolling left right will see the photos within a range distance. Scrolling up and down will change the distance on showing different photos. Shaking of the iPhone will give user a larger view of the current showing photo and close the album view.

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