Mac OS X client

Apache and PHP are pre-installed on Mac OS X client, but disabled by default. The following should work for Tiger (10.4.x) and Panther (10.3.x) client (if there is no previous version of DokuWiki installed):

  1. Start Personal Web Sharing in System Preferences → Sharing
  2. Download dokuwiki-yyyy-mm-dd.tgz (assuming to ~/Desktop)
  3. From the command line:
    $ cd ~/Desktop && tar -zxvf dokuwiki-yyyy-mm-dd.tgz
    $ mv dokuwiki-yyyy-mm-dd ~/Sites/dokuwiki
    $ cd ~/Sites/dokuwiki
    $ sudo chown -R www data conf lib

You should now be able to run the installer at http://localhost/~your_username/dokuwiki/install.php

Moving from one volume to another

$ tar -cf dokuwiki-yyyy-mm-dd.tar sourcedir
$ mv dokuwiki-yyyy-mm-dd.tar ~/DIR/.
$ cd ~/DIR
$ tar -xvpf dokuwiki-yyyy-mm-dd.tar


  1. From the command line:
    $ tar -xvfp dokuwiki-yyyy-mm-dd.tar
    $ mv dokuwiki-yyyy-mm-dd YYYY
  2. You then perform the following:
Whenever you make a new installation of Dokuwiki, please also make a small change to the file inc/init.php.
Edit inc/init.php
Go to line 100
Change "session_name("DokuWiki");" to "session_name("DokuWiki_YYYY");"
The added "_YYYY" reflects uniquely your new installation. Please use different identifiers for different installations.
  1. You should now be able to run the installer at
  2. If you want to use the .htaccess and short path do:
    1. Go to .htaccess
    2. nil out RewriteEngine on
    3. change RewriteBase to /dokuwiki/YYYY
    4. nil out the lines below
    5. Make sure the .htaccess file can be read by everyone (chmod a+r .htaccess)

All About Dokuwiki


Moving files from Mac to Unix. Use

tar -cf XXXX.tar XXXX

On the Unix side, make sure you use the -p option.

tar -xfp XXXX.tar


tar -xvfp XXXX.tar
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