Corporate Leaders Analytics and Networks System (CLANS)


The Corporate Leaders Analytics and Network System (CLANS) aims to leverage a comprehensive commercial and personal database of top 2,500 Chinese listed firms, their senior executives, and board members to provide important data analytics and network information for critical decision support.


  1. Provide basic information, temporal timeline, social network of top 2,500 listed firms and business elites
  2. Provide data analytics in social network of business elites and corporations
  3. Provide data analytics in relationships among business elites and corporations
  4. Provide sentiment analysis for elites, corporations and the relation between them
  5. Predict and recommend important, professional and potential powerful elites and corporations
  6. Provide prediction on corporations' stock return, performance and profit based on the social network of elites and corporations
  7. Provide a website to visualize all the information


Project Presentation Sign-up Sheet

Class Project Presentation
Real name9:309:5010:1010:3010:5011:1011:3011:50
Yang, Junfeng   2014-05-06 18:45:29    
CAO, Runlai     2014-05-06 18:31:32  
LiuLi 2014-05-06 18:42:12      
ZHANG,Zhi  2014-05-06 19:01:44     
SONG Hang      2014-05-06 19:25:36 
ZHAO,Qian2014-05-06 20:08:43       
FENG Jingyi    2014-05-06 19:43:50   
YANG, Xu       2014-05-06 19:44:39
Foo Bar~  2016-02-18 17:48:42     
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