The Corporate Leaders Analytics and Network System (CLANS) aims to leverage a comprehensive commercial and personal database of top 2,500 Chinese listed firms, their senior executives, and board members to provide important data analytics and network information for critical decision support. CLANS mines the database and social media sites to construct entities and relations to form social networks such as family, schoolmates, colleagues, friends, professional organizations, etc. along with their correlated timelines. With these analytics and discovered knowledge, the system provides predictions, recommendations, and visualizations for decision making of its targeted users.

Who uses CLANS?

The potential audience for CLANS includes financial analysts, researchers,investors and business people. For business people and investors around the word, CLANS offers an important tool to value Chinese listed firms and make better investment decisions. For financial analysts, CLANS provides a more accurate model to predict how the social network may affect the performance of the company and individuals. For researchers, CLANS provides a comprehensive database for them to do deep research on this area.


CLANS is intended to provide

  1. Provide basic information, temporal timeline, social network of top 2,500 listed firms and business elites
  2. Provide data analytics in social network of business elites and corporations
  3. Provide data analytics in relationships among business elites and corporations
  4. Provide sentiment analysis for elites, corporations and the relation between them
  5. Predict and recommend important, professional and potential powerful elites and corporations
  6. Provide prediction on corporations' stock return, performance and profit based on the social network of elites and corporations
  7. Provide a website to visualize all the information


CLANS was born in September 2012. It is a project in Computer Science and Engineering Department in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is guided by Prof. Irwin King, Prof. Tianyu Zhang, and Prof. T. J. Wong. The original version was designed and written by Long Cheng, Yi Li, Shuai Wang, Yong Zhang and Yuanyuan Man in 2012 and 2013. The second version was designed and written by Qian Zhao, Yat Tin Chan Sunny, Kwai Wu Tsang, Runlai Cao, Zhi Zhang, Junfeng Yang, Hang Song, Jingyi Feng, Li Liu, Xu Yang and Yuanyuan Man in 2013 and 2014.

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