Class: SocialNetwork


Class SocialNetwork calculates basic features of social network. For example, each college is a component. We calculate the component basic features such as density, diameter, average path length, number of nodes, average degree, average degree centrality, average people PageRank, average closeness and average betweenness.


  1. Graph G


  1. Matrix SN with row denotes different college, columns denote basic feature value.

Detail Information

  1. related python modules: networkx, MySQLdb


  1. SocialNetwork(G):construction function.
  2. ShowInformation(): Return basic features of graph.
  3. GetDensity(): Return density of graph.
  4. GetAPL(): Return average shortest path length of graph.
  5. GetPeopleRank(): Calculate average page rank of people as graph's rank.Return page rank value of graph.
  6. GetBetweenness(): Return average betweenness of each nodes in graph.
  7. GetCloseness(): Return average closeness of each nodes in graph.
  8. GetDegree(): Return degree distribution of graph.
  9. GetDegreeCentrality(): Return degree centrality of graph.
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