IK0602 Conference Management System


Academic Conference Management (ACM) System



Interested in MySQL, PHP, database programming, event management systems, etc.


MySQL, PHP, database system, conference management

Project description

There are thousands of academic workshops, symposiums, and conference being held annually. It is important to manage the conference effectively through the use of Internet technology. In this project, we aim to design and implement a conference management system to handle various key modules in the conference event, e.g., website, registration, payment, paper review, publication, statistics, etc. One example of the ACM System is being used at the International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP2006). The system is currently in production, but will require more extensions in the coming future. The system uses common development languages and tools, e.g., PHP, MySQL, HTML, Python, and Perl, etc. in creating the system. After you complete this system, you should have enough expertise with MySQL and PHP to design, implement, and deploy a good database application in an enterprise. If you have any questions, feel free to drop by and discuss them with me.

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