IK0602 Conference Management System

The Project

Main Phases

The project will be divided into two main phases in order to favour our semester system:

  • Phase 1: Base System Implementation

In this phase, we will focus on the basic functionalities of the system. We will start the project by studying some popular open-source systems (not limited to conference management ones but possibly some other systems like wiki) and try to figure out which one can be acted as a foundation of our system. By the time we studying the system, we will also look for the possibly to extend our system so as to deploy some new technology into it. Possible solution may include transforming a wiki system into a conference management system by using/developing plugins.

After we have chosen a base system, we will start to the system design and prepare the design documentation. Upon the completion of the project design, we will start to develop the basic functionalities of the system. System testing will be carried out after the coding phase. A draft project report will be prepared for Prof. King to review. A final term-report and presentation will be delivered at the end of the first semester.

  • Phase 2: Final System Implementation

This phase will be conducted throughout the spring semester. The main focus of this phase is to build enhanced features on top of the basic system. We will first have a review of the work done in the first semester and may possibly revise the project specification.

After we finalized the specification, we will start the coding phase followed by system testing and debugging. By the time the system is nearly completed, we will invite some people to use our system. Feedbacks will be collected so that we can modify the system to suit user’s needs. A draft of the final report will be prepared for Prof. King to review and a final version of the report, production system and presentation will be delivered at the end of the academic year.


A preliminary project schedule is as follows:


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