Fall Sem Report Outline


  1. Motivation
  2. Objectives
  3. Backgroud Information
  4. Latest Works

Requirement Analysis

  1. Analyse what are needed in a conference
  2. What a user will expect
  3. Details of each function

System Analysis

  1. Major components of the system
  2. Common functions (registration, paper submission, review..)
  3. Optional functions (reviewer bidding, venue management..)
  4. Project Studies
    1. Why
    2. Identified Problems
    3. Solution
  5. Reasons that we build our system from ground up

System Architecture

  1. System architecture overview
  2. Things we have done to tackle the common problems in php programming
  3. Highly customizible XML configuration module
  4. Class hierarchy
  5. Abstraction Layers
  6. Details of each utility classes
  7. Details of each modules
  8. Interaction with database
    1. Problem with highly configurable entities
    2. Our solutions
  9. System advantage from software engineering point of view
  10. Tradeoffs with highly configurable systems

Implementation and Testing

  1. Project Progress
  2. Development Environment
  3. Test Environment
  4. How we test
  5. What we have tested


  1. What we have learnt
  2. What left for the next semester
  3. Planning
  4. Target to be the default system for future ICONIPs
  5. AJAX frontend
  6. Advanced Modules (Clustering, data-mining, etc.)
  7. Make it open-source

Individual Contribution

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