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students who did an incredibly excellent job on this year's programming midterm! From left to right: YIU Man Chi (2nd Runner-up), HO Kwun Ting (Most Precise Coder), LI Danli (Excellent Female Coder), ... -up), Prof. King, SU Jinhai (1st Runner-up), LAU Chi Yung (Champion). {{:teaching:csci2100:awards.jpg?720x540|}} ===== Breaking News ===== - <hi yellow>**5 May 2016**</hi>. Final exam papers are now
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is the link to our **discussion forum**. {{:teaching:csci2100:keepinternshipposter_final-1.pdf|KEEP Paid Internship}} ===== Breaking News ===== - <hi yellow>**3 May 2017**</hi> The solutions of WA5 have been released. - <hi yellow>**2 May 2017**</hi> Please check your scores of all the WAs and... come to SHB1024 to take back your WA1-WA5. - <hi yellow>**2 May 2017**</hi> The solutions of PA4 a
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a Structures ====== ==== Breaking News ==== - <hi yellow>** 19 April 2015**</hi>. The last tutorial... ll be given at 5:30 pm, 20 April in ERB 407. - <hi yellow>** 15 April 2015**</hi>. <hi red>**IMPORTANT & URGENT**</hi> The schedule of make-up exam for students who did not solve any problems during p... to make proper arrangement for you. Thanks. - <hi yellow>** 8 April 2015**</hi>. 1) The deadline fo
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====== Sign-up for CSM Facilitator Fellowship Night @ The King's ====== ~~DISCUSSION ON~~ ===== Worship and Prayer ===== * **Date**: Sunday, November 17, 2013 * **Time**: * 3:00 pm (I should b... kitchen to prepare) * 4:00 pm Welcome and worship * 6:00 pm Dinner * **Venue**: * At t... about soup, salad, and pasta! * **Spouses and children welcome!** \\ \\ <fs larger>**Please indica
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65658000.73">24</pid> <names> <name desc="Sim_Chinese" src="basicinformation" update="1365658000.73">王毅</name> <name desc="Tra_Chinese" src="" update=""></name> <name desc="English" src="" update... code> <company_names> <company_name desc="Sim_Chinese" src="ipocobasic" update="2013-09-09">深圳市赛格达声股份有限公司</company_name> <company_name desc="Tra_Chinese" src="" update=""></company_name> <company_
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ning Objectives ====== The overall objective of this course is to help students to acquire an underst... versity life and the spirit of New Asia College. This course adopts a small group and a less structured teaching format. Throughout the course, students are expected to explore topics related to univers... pm to 4:30 pm | <html></center></html> Note: This class will be taught in<html> <font color="red">
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====== CMSC5733 Social Computing ====== [ [[:teaching:csci5733:discussions:2015|Discussion Forum]] | [[:teaching:csci5733:blogs:2015|Blogs]] ] ==== Breaking News ==== ** 1. ** <hi #ffff00>**December 2, 2015**.</hi> You finish the report following the {{:teaching:cmsc5733:report_specification.pdf|report specification}}. \\ ** 2. ** <hi #ffff00>**December 1, 2015**.</hi> Please send the grading e
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anced Topics in Social Computing ====== [ [[:teaching:csci5070:discussions:2012|Discussion Forum]] | [[:teaching:csci5070:blogs:2012|Blogs]] ] ==== Breaking News ==== * <hi #ffff00>**December 4, 2012**.</hi> Please note that your project presentation will be evaluated from four aspects: relevance ... lity, presentation skills, and time control. * <hi #ffff00>**December 3, 2012**.</hi> Please submit
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| the user who post this weibo| | content | text
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a Structures ====== ==== Breaking News ==== - <hi yellow>**3 May 2013**</hi>. The result of Assignment 4 is out. Please download the file {{:teaching:csci2100b:result_4.pdf|result#4}} to see your fin... ency, please contact TA as soon as possible. - <hi yellow>**30 April 2013**</hi>. The programming mi... g Yin, DERMAWAN Teresa and PANG Yui Tik.\\ {{:teaching:csci2100b:img_2372.jpg?500|}} - <hi yellow>**
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* 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm Soaking, hanging out, fellowship, etc. * 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm Snack, coffee, tea... ovided, but please sign up below. * **Spouses, children, and SO welcome!** \\ \\ <fs larger>**Pleas... salad, drinks, etc. You DO NOT need to bring anything, but if you would like to bring something, plea
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~~DISCUSSION~~ ===== Fellowship Night ===== * **Date**: Sunday, June 9 * **Time**: 4:00 pm onwards; 5:30-ish for worship; 6:30-ish for dinner * **Venue**: At the King's * Take the "H" bus e... ing in "( )".\\ \\ You are welcome to bring something to share. If you do, check the item(s) that yo... on. Thanks!**</fs> \\ \\ <doodle 20130609 Fellowship Night> ^ Yes, I'm coming ^ No, I won't be coming
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