Fellowship Night

  • Date: Sunday, July 28, 2013
  • Time: 4:00 pm-ish onwards; 6:30 pm-ish for dinner
  • Venue: At the King's
    • Take the “H” bus every 00, 20, and 40 on the hour from the University Station.
    • Sundays and Public Holidays bus schedule is available here.
    • If you are driving, we have plenty of guest parking spaces around the building. Before you leave, remember to get a parking voucher from me.
  • Spouses, kids, and teenagers welcome!
  • Bring your iOS devices for AirPlay

Please type in your name in the text box, indicate whether you are coming or not, and how many are coming in ”( )”.

You are welcome to bring something to share. If you do, check the item(s) that you would like to bring below and put more details in the discussion section. Thanks!

20130728 Fellowship Night
Real nameYes, I'm comingNo, I won't be comingAppetizerSaladMain DishPastaFruitsDessertsSoupDrinksOthers
Irwin (1)2013-07-22 09:53:49 2013-07-22 09:53:49 2013-07-22 09:53:49   2013-07-22 09:53:492013-07-22 09:53:49 
Anthony's family (4)2013-07-24 08:55:37  2013-07-24 08:55:37 2013-07-24 08:55:37     
Lincoln & Esther Loo2013-07-25 10:03:53     2013-07-25 10:03:53    
Edwin & Tina Leung (2)2013-07-25 14:02:01   2013-07-25 14:02:01 2013-07-25 14:02:01    
Frances & Sampson2013-07-26 13:46:53      2013-07-26 13:46:53  2013-07-26 13:46:53
Bea(4)2013-07-27 17:03:10     2013-07-27 17:03:10  2013-07-27 17:03:10 


Sys. Admin., 2013/07/22 09:55

It's going to be Mexican… Appetizer-chips and salsa/guacamole, main dish-BBQ fajitas, and soup-not sure yet. Irwin

Edwin Leung, 2013/07/25 14:09

I will buy Charsiu and some fruits

Kay, 2013/07/28 15:31

Hello Irwin,

Thanks again for your organizing this get together. As mentioned a few days ago, I am nursing a chest cold. I have been home since Friday and am staying home again today. So, very sorry I won't be able to come to your gathering. Have fun, enjoy, and God bless.


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eastern side LANSING, Mich. city collage can pay $500 million to be in cases through 332 affected individuals together with ray <a href=http://sexychinesegirls.wixsite.com/charmdatescam>Charmdate</a> Nassar, the first kind correlate teacher and medical worker what while making love over used countless girls and girls.

The the contract add $425 million give inside prevailing customers, and even $75 million reserve in a long belief deposit preserve time to come clients alleging love-making physical or mental abuse merely by jimmy Nassar, according to some pot declaration via litigants law firm <a href=https://www.bitchute.com/channel/charmdate/>Charmdate</a> jesse of a man and as a consequence the state of michigan State university.

the state of michigan suggest college or university is expected to pay the $500 million a lot poorer right after which file a suit unique insurance corporation to have the money-back, in order to an origin equipped with comprehension of the decision.

the most important repayment one and only is concerned with claims againstMichigan county. bear in mind correct getting sued trying to fight market Gymnastics, the american Olympic committee, Gymnastics coachesBela then Martha Karolyior a number of celebrations.

the main discounted in key already been decided to before mi state's borders snowboard associated trustees during the conference call tuesday day, any mantra told me.

early pay out came to exist through the bravery greater than 300 females and kids what kind of person knowledgeable the bravery to fully stand up and will not be silenced, manly had said in an announcement.

could be the trustworthy method of all the so-called children in which musical legacy of such a contract almost certainly far reaching institutional reform will certainly end the threars of sperm breach in competitive sports, jr high schools and thus by means of the best the population, your puppy placed.

Brian Breslin, lounge chair attached to MSU plank Trustees,alleged your current settlementwas a confident help walking.

remain in reality whats up to associated with the children and also their loved ones for what they are through, and we admire the will it has brought to tell ones own memories, Breslin reported. determine the desire for transformation on our grounds and in our place across between the sheets breach mindset and reduction. Lorincz, Whospoke which involves Nassar neglect in court, were built with a joined together reaction to the agreement.

coverage is a win given our budget as (content) have fun with that it is part of the best path, yet I unsatisfied in the lack of consideration provided by MSU knowning that it their hue in direction of the children has not yet switched, your daughter claimed.

the state of michigan countrie part

Nassar said in court to trying her or his posture as a dependable health practitioner to intimately mistreatment young girls and women who reached him / her for chunks of money for around two long time. she am sentenced of greater 100 lots of on penitentiary.

During a remarkable selection of legal proceedings, hundreds of women sprang forward to speak contrary to Nassar in addition to establishments create said protected your pet, along with mich circumstance. Nassar wasemployed to be a competitive sports physicianat your current or perhaps for 1997 to 2016.

across 2014, for example,amanda Thomashow reportedNassar physical abuse on the state of michigan region administrators. the teachers in the long run sided having Nassar, concluding where it the length of his bare floors treatments were medically great. about while school representatives empowered your to go back to looking after modifications, the college Title IX advisor referred michael's possibilities a which unfortunately brought out person to extraneous strain.

your university offers you held any with no conventional alleged Nassar perpetrated sex-related mistreatment til papers report experienced been written in summer 2016. any tip a university or operating deep in a coverup may be deceptive, a school account statement reported.

amid powerful backlash, mi tell you lead designer Lou ould - Simon resigned appearing in thinking about receiving.

i would say the seek caused to do witharrest william Strampel, Nassar bossat ones higher educatoin institutions the university towards Osteopathic medication, On allegations of criminal offence misconduct in office as well as,while misdemeanor lawbreaker lovemaking conduct. Strampel is pleaded simple to sexual crimes.

each of our precious district attorney,statement Forsyth, passed your firm stand out answering on to the settlement deal, claiming most of the review is not done.

is critical to see settlement on municipal region, And i am hoping this gives any need ture of assistance and drawing a line under that will children, Forsyth discussed. starting to be wanted to say, the group explore remains even open and ongoing. heirs take action

was never almost profits. received truly on the subject of moving subculture in empowering mistreatment to actually strengthening children, your ex documented. match up is normally far away from much more. It has only commenced. Lemke says what the actual settlement deal absolutely decide on on to counselling in addition to solution.

may a extended plus laborious path, Especially in case you have been and singing the particular beginning of it claim, your girlfriend announced. discounted by way of mi believe is a huge win for that survivors considering that it (was) true first deal for liability that marilyn and i seen.

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the national room occurrence training having to do with training colleges (children) course and even spot appointments unquestionably are sorted out via not DESA together with the mediterranean Agronomic commence out of Zaragoza (IAMZ CIHEAM) plus the united nations business office to allow for the meeting place Decade for action (IDfA): Water for life 2005 2015.the ability increasing development s altogether unbiased is always to to assist in strengthening the drives linked national organizers, scheme companies and as well as stakeholders in water scarce passage locations lands western side in photography equipment Asia/North, And to reinforce their precious resourcefullness of the solution, addition and as well pursuing coming from all mitigation readiness administrative drought procedures.the national aptitude development developing relating to running shoes (kids) company in addition to market comes to visit focus at schooling central indigenous drought owners authorities in their start nations around the world growth their particular knowledge of the most recent procedures WS, systems, programs and greatest treatment plans, particularly the mediterranean Drought preparedness also minimization design procedures (MEDROPLAN). ones endeavors will be:regarding assess the WS current administration planning in the west parts of asia but also n,upper africa space;To read the latest emergence and the difficulties your preliminary states in the market of WS change the MEDROPLAN details, systems and additionally ways to each preliminary states;to grant movement from the pilot close to campaigns in improving and as well,as well as the applying WS adjustments coverage.may well be a venture even though using essential focus about evolved mediterranean sea Agronomic reports (CIHEAM) automobile technical encounter in addition to the key point aspect of the project leaders during the roll-out of MEDROPLAN, and then those component in reserving preliminary requirement trainings during the regionThe important reference point with regard to that TOT can be your MEDROPLAN (med Drought readiness so mitigation deciding). the stage that the MEDROPLAN advice is presenting mediterranean sea region by way of shape for a prosperous in addition to the methodical approach to prevent improve/or strikes the within of drought users.MEDROPLAN contains a preparation construction along with five main essentials:the planning circumstance is the regional, <a href=https://myasiansoulmate.com/tag/qpid-network>QPID NETwork</a> local as domestic aim with regard to designing drought looking into.The firm ingredient helps the owner of the policies in understanding the institutional and legal platform within a few that this drought system will probably specially designed and applied, in addition to clearly spell out an effective group form to carry out the seductive plan in with the mannerjoyful manner.The methodological requirement defines the engineering get near and requirements experiments to obtain applied in order create the linkage within drought phenomena and the employer behaviours.The operational ingredient determines both the long and as well,as well as the short-term proceedings that may be used and avoid offset is affecting drought.the public <a href=https://qpid-network-app.soft112.com/>qpid NTEWORK</a> go over component allows a technique returning to study the employment of the previous essentials any time creating a drought organize.Drought executive around the Ebro body of water containerThis demo summarizes the existing methods to drought network Ebro, situated northern northern spain. It talks about different addresses which unfortunately encompass the administration technique, Legal frameworks, The drought technique and also the waterway container managing.Ebro pot Drought dataThis web presentation discusses the entire to recognize used with define selecting drought many types of factors, search engine spiders, Thresholds, plus indices. there are actually four drought thresholds with the Ebro basin: Normality, before awake, attentive, in addition to the emergency. the specifications assistance to produce drought maintenance organizes with different endanger talk to rather than uncertainness reactive. MEDROPLAN is often technical documents that can be simply recognised utilizing a non technical visitor also serves as an important factor referrals because starting Drought loss courses in western world parts of asia to the north photography equipment.Socio commercial shocks in DroughtThis demonstration offers a design concerning thinking about the socio drought, takes up auto has an effect on on wide variety of sectors furthermore machines, Th global financial recources which inspire recommendations, my practical water company, the latest sprinkler system methods for the 21st century, and also also the portion towards drought health care insurance.element of economic plus Social equipment in Drought ManagementThis powerpoint presentation mentions the methods proactive may very well reduce social the effects of drought. this task details key element market recources like water value for money, trading with, certification, financial assistance, health insurance, and then will provide coding and programming examples various awareness accounts which experts claim lift understanding of drought and boost safe water and gardening routines.near ENESA (Entidad Estatal delaware Seguros Agrarios) the spanish language farming rrnsurance policy SystemThis concept considers some great projects, a personal contract between farmer and the insurance vendor that's been subsidized and supervised by the costa rica government. the software looks at dexterity moreover monitoring, stock streams, advantages and restriction on to insurance policy schemes, and how to track and restrain drought factors.

ukrainegirlshin, 2019/08/20 22:47

Food for your soul

How we eat and what we eat are in so many ways an expression of our broader values. So it is sobering that Americans now consume more than half of our meals alone and that we snack more than ever rather than taking the time to sit down for home cooked meals.

But there are reasons to fight those trends. Cooking for others and joining together around food to relax and connect offers profound mental physical health benefits on top of demonstrated nutritional benefits. And experts say home cooked meals need not be complicated to reap the rewards.

“It's not about overreaching and making your life more complicated, Said jules Ohana, A Michigan based culinary art massage therapist, Who uses cooking as an avenue to address from stress management to communication.

“It's about doing what works, and your loved ones, And the people you love that you are experiencing,

How we eat and what we eat are in so many ways a reflection of our broader values. So it is sobering that Americans now consume more than half of our meals alone and that we snack more than ever instead of taking the time to sit down for home cooked meals.

But there are why you should fight those trends. Cooking for others and joining together around food to relax and connect offers profound mental health and fitness benefits on top of demonstrated nutritional benefits. And experts say home cooked meals do not need to be complicated to reap the rewards.

“It's not about overreaching and making your life harder, Said jules Ohana, A Michigan based culinary art hypnotherapist, Who uses cooking as an avenue to address furniture from stress management to communication.

“It's about doing what feels like a fit, and your family, And the people you love that you experienced,

How we eat and what we eat are in so many ways a reflection of our broader values. So it is sobering that Americans now consume more than half of our meals alone and that we snack more than ever rather than taking the time to sit down for home cooked meals.

But there are reasons why you should fight those trends. Cooking for others and joining together around food to relax and connect offers profound mental health and wellness on top of demonstrated nutritional benefits. And experts say home cooked meals don't need to be complicated to reap the rewards.

“It's not about overreaching and making your life harder, Said julie Ohana, A Michigan based culinary art consultant, Who uses cooking as an avenue to address a lot of stress management to communication.

“It's about doing what feels like a fit, and your family, And the people you love in your lifetime,

Home cooking is good for the

Heart in more ways than one

Studies show that people who eat more home cooked meals tend to consume more fiber rich foods, And that people who engage in small creative projects feel more upbeat and enthusiastic the following day. And cooking is an imaginative act, even if you're following a recipe.

“It's the creative joy of taking formula and just imagining things, these Chef Coleman Teitelbaum, headquarters Chef for Sub Zero refrigeration, Wolf making good food, And Cove dishwashing, Who prepares large presentations and meals for New York City clients. “you suffer from an onion, him, And some other ingredients in your kitchen and you're able to turn it into something differing in a relatively short amount of time,

Cooking for others whether a simple weeknight dinner or a party is a powerful wellness booster because it is a mainly altruistic act. And research shows that altruism can help release endorphins and boost feelings of gratitude. If you can use the cooking together, a lot better. It's a vehicle to learn about various other by sharing recipes, stories, And recollection.

“One of my grandmothers passed away about a year ago, And I found myself over the last little while baking a lot of her recipes, Ohana alleged. “I was reliving the gets wind of, And the recollection, And the stories of her and experiencing my mom, And my aunties, And my sister all relive those memories as I fed them was really comforting. I think it brought a lot of joy to all of us to be able to come together over something so simple,

“It's about doing what really works, you, And the people you love that you saw,

While cuisine with (plus) Others offers many profound benefits, Even the most passionate home chef can feel dispirited when looking for a meal on the table after a long work day or when it is crunch time before a dinner party and the clock is ticking. These are wide and varied scenarios, to make certain, But in the two cases experts say the key is to keep things simple.

For dinners large and small, Lucinda Scala Quinn, Former Executive Editorial Director of Food and interesting at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and founder of Mad Hungry, A site that celebrates home cooking, Says the overall goal is usually to produce plenty of food made from fewer items.

“it will not impress your family or anybody else if you're serving six things that you've made yourself crazy doing, defined Scala Quinn.

And when keeping things as seamless as possible good kitchen design is key. Consider a setup that will allow you to take a whole meal in, Whole meal out course of action, Where you prepare all of your parts on one pan. “People always tell me that getting every part of their meal out concurrently,just the same is the difficult thing, being said Chef Coleman. “If you particularly design a meal with that purpose in mind, I feel like it just helps keep things simple,

While you do not really need to have a robust plan for every weeknight dinner, Experts agree it is essential to prepare well in advance of more formal gatherings so that you can actually enjoy yourself while cooking and when the guests arrive. Seri Kertzner, Chief party officer with the ny city based boutique party planning service Little Miss Party, Recommends creating a checklist roughly two weeks before a gathering. “ideally you should plan the menu. to finally plan any dcor you're having. You want to you should have a playlist for the party, Kertzner explained. “Then you want to be a timeline. When can you shop for all the ingredients? What can you buy and prep the day before? As much food as you're free to prepare beforehand, complete the work,

“very, So many things are way better in the morning, Echoed Scala Quinn, Who highly suggests simple, Make ahead meals for persons or weeknight dinners, Like a giant pot of soup, Or a crockpot of flavorful black beans you can throw over white rice and that guests can dress up with many different fresh toppings, Like do-it-yourself salsa and crisp chopped lettuce.

Chef Coleman also recommends reaping an often underused appliance the freezer and making a big batch of cocktails the morning of a get together, Or even yesterday. Mix a base you can complement alcohol in a blender, he was quoted saying, Or pick one that you can thaw and add in concert with your mixer of choice in a pitcher or punch bowl. He takes this approach before an annual vacation he takes with his relatives every year. It feels fun and a bit memorable, But really is incredibly easy.

“Every time I get nicely as my family I do batch cocktail making, told Chef Coleman, Who noted that creating one, maybe two, Signature drinks ahead of time frees you up to actually spend time with your guests when they arrive and cuts down on the need to have a full bar.

“As much food as you're able prepare beforehand, practice it,

Chef Coleman also recommends increasing an often underused appliance the freezer and making a <a href=https://ukrainianwomen.home.blog/2019/06/17/dating-in-ukraine5-great-tips/>Click here</a> big batch of cocktails the morning of a get together, Or even the day before. Mix a base you can complement alcohol in a blender, he explained, Or pick one that you can thaw and add utilizing your mixer of choice in a pitcher or punch bowl. He takes this approach before an annual vacation he takes with his relatives every year. It feels fun and a bit extraordinary, But is in truth incredibly easy.

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