Faculty of Engineering Exemplary Teaching Award 2007...

March 3, 2007. Prof. Irwin King received the Exemplary Teaching Award presented by Mrs. Fanny LAW, GBS of the Commissioner of the Independent Commission Against Corruption at the The Chinese University of Hong Kong Faculty of Engineering Awards Presentation Ceremony.

Professor King's passion, like many others in the department and faculty, is to stimulate and inspire students with enthusiasm about thinking and learning. To him, teaching is not merely about knowledge transfer, but rather the empowerment of the recipient to have an open mind to challenge the conventional wisdom responsively. Often, teaching is caught and not only taught! He enjoys sharing knowledge and experience both at the undergraduate and graduate level in various subject topics as well as in the final year projects. He believes that the reward of teaching is measured by the success of those who come to share his enthusiasm for life-long learning in and beyond science and engineering.

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