FYP IK0903 iPhone Application with Augmented Reality

( 2009 Fall Semester | 2010 Spring Semester )


iPhone Application with Augmented Reality - Photo Earth Live

(Former named: IK0903 Open Project)


Interested in research



Weeks Detail Remarks
Week 01 (07/09 - 14/09) - Meet with 2 Stanford Students
- Brainstorming & discussion
Week 02 (15/09 - 22/09) - General meeting with supervisor
- Brainstorming & discussion
Week 03 (23/09 - 28/09) - General meeting with supervisor
- Idea Elaboration
- Article Reading
Week 04 (29/09 - 05/10) - General meeting with supervisor
- Application Specification
- Development schedule planning
Week 05 (06/10 - 12/10) - General meeting with supervisor
- Equipment arrangement
- Revisit ADC videos about iPhone technology
- Application interface design
- Specification refinement
Week 06 (13/10 - 19/10) - General meeting with supervisor
- Related applications testing & comparison
- Feature testing (I)
- Reading iPhone development reference documents (1,2)
Week 07 (20/10 - 26/10) - Feature Testing (II) /
Week 08 (27/10 - 02/11) - General meeting with supervisor
- Server OS and software installed and fine tuning
- Feature Testing (III)
- Application prototype development (I)
Week 09 (03/11 - 09/11) - Applied for iPhone Development Program
- Requested port opening for server
- Application prototype development (II)
Week 10 (10/11 - 16/11) - Testing the application on the iPhone
- Feature Testing (IV)
Heavy workload on students
reduced work can be done
Week 11 (17/11 - 23/11) - General meeting with supervisor
- Application prototype development (III)
Week 12 (24/11 - 30/11) - General meeting with supervisor
- Fixing bug in rotating device
- Feature Testing (IV)
- Application prototype development (IV)

Features / Work Status

Application Overview

Items Expected Finish Week Status
Application interface design Week 05 ✔ 12th Oct.
Documentation Week 11 - 12 Pending


Items Expected Finish Week Status
Equipment arragement Week 05 ✔ 15th Oct.
Setting up services Week 06 ✔ 30th Oct.
Preparing network Week 06 ✔ 10th Nov.
Receiving & storing photos sent via iPhone Week 06 Postponed
Retrieving GPS & compass information of photos uploaded Week 07 Postponed
Sending photo requested to iPhone Week 08 Partially Working

Feature Coding Test

Items Expected Finish Week Status
Select photo from album Week 05 ✔ 19th Oct.
In-app photo taking Week 06 Postponed
Upload photos to the server Week 06 Postponed
Switch view when phone is level & vertical Week 07 ✔ 26th Oct.
Display Google map inside application Week 07 ✔ 2nd Nov.
Download photos from server Week 08 ✔ 23th Nov.
Showing photos according to compass direction
/w camera switched on
Week 08 ✔ 24th Nov.
Mapping photos onto Google map Week 09 Postponed

Feature Testing Screenshots

Allow repeating picking photos from album by clicking button

Change view by rotating device

Showing Google Map inside application

Enabling camera on iPhone

Downloading image from server

Application Prototyping

Week 08

  • With animated toolbar & landscape mode
  • Able to select photo for uploading purpose (with alert as a indicator currently)

Week 09

  • Able to locate and zoom to the user current location
  • Showing buttons (and search bar for further development)

Week 10

  • Using camera on iPhone

Week 11

  • Switching view when iPhone is in landscape and portrait mode

Week 12

  • Allow downloading image from server
  • Overlaying image on the Camera

Applications / Services Comparison

Applications Photo Earth Live Layar AroundMe NearPics Panoramio Leisure Guide
Map View
Augmented Reality
Direction (Compass)
In-app photo taking
Upload photo
Changing position of
the viewing rage

* Only compare features will be developed in phase I.

Application Specification

Last updated: 13th October, 2009


Photo Earth Live(PEL) is an iPhone application that let people see the World in live though iPhone. The main purposes are to provide the live view of the World and event's photos based on the geographical information. To provide a brand new experience on how photos are viewed and shared. It also provide a social network platform as letting people browsing around to know more about their friends and familiar places they know very well. As everyone can upload the photos and view the photos immediately after the upload was made, much more tiny little things can show around the World what the culture at the specific place.


  1. To let users find out photos taken on a specific area.
  2. To let users view photos according to the direction of the view

User Interface (UI)

View 0 - Welcome screen

No image at this moment.

View 1 - Map View

iPhone place at level mode and landscape. The app will first try to locate the place when start up the app and showing the photos based on the location information.

Screen captured at panoramio.com

The above is a reference screen from Panoramio

View 2 - Map View with tab bar opened

After pressing the right hand corner of view 1, a tab bar pop out and let user choose various functions.

View 3 - Upload photos from the iPhone photo library

When we chose upload, a view which is similar to iPhone photo library mutli-select will show and let user choose set of photos to upload.

View 4 - Setting view

This is a setting page when choosing setting from view 2. Most of the app setting will be showing here.

View 5 - In-app. photo taking

This view will only be shown while the iPhone is in standing position and in portrait. More details will be showing on follow(view 6).

View 6 - Live view with photos showing according to the photos direction

This is the details view of view 5, showing how the app displaying photos based on given information.

View 7 - Paused live view

Sometimes user may want to see photos in a specific direction and distance or just simply tired on holding the iPhone standing. It will paused the location, direction service as well as the camera. Beside from these, other functions provided in view 5,6 will be provided.

Hardware Requirements

Client / Users

iPhone 3GS

  • GPS and compass information must be allowed to attach to the photo.
  • with internet connection.
  • installed iPhone OS 3.0 or above.


  • Server accepts internet connection from public internet network
  • High performance - reply request in a short period of time

Communcation Protocol

  • Between iPhone & Server: HTTP


  • Users are only allow to upload a limited amount of photos, at this moment, 100 photos would be set

Application Features

  1. Upload photos from the iPhone to the server
  2. Display photos according to their geographic location on the map
  3. Display photos according to their direction on the screen

Assumption / Dependency

  1. Enough users from all over the world to upload photos to the server
  2. All photos are with GPS & compass information
  3. Photos uploaded is interesting and attractive to general users
  4. Photos uploaded is with good quality
  5. No hacker would be stealing information between transmission


iPhone Documents Reference

Other Reference

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