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The Gopher Game (27/09)

The Gopher Game: Demonstration

The Gopher Game: A Social, Mobile, Locative Game with User Generated Content and Peer Review

The gopher game is a game just like the article title said. In this review, we have been knowing much more about mobile, social, locative game. Mobility provide the easy way to let players access and grep the location information. Merging the real world and the virtual world makes the player experience better. Adding interacting between players can also perform data collection and make the searching of information more accurate. We can also see how players use the environment and things around them. Photos and textual content are the most commonly elements to be shared.

Besides on the above, precaution are also need to be made due to many different factors that may affect the outcome of the collected data, eg. participation rate of different area, unfair game play between some of the bad players, how to keep players active in playing, etc. The ease of use of the game and setting up goals with rewards will also be a big key to gain more players and keeping more active players.

We also know how to schedule different trials as to perform efficient tests. Trial should always be perform after a certain prototype built of the game. Opinions is collected every time and will help us in improving our next develop prototypes.

Not just focusing on providing a enticing user experience while also setting up some bigger goal to archive behind as to make good use of all the data collected and built by people.

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