FYP IK0802 Game On iPhone (Semester 1)


Wonderful Blue


Game Description

  • Wonderful Blue

The game will simulate a aquarium. There will several kind of marine creatures, such as fish, shark, octopus, lobster, etc.
Initially, there will be only two or three fish. Players need to buy food to feed the fish. Then the fish will grow and when they become bigger and bigger, they will drop emerald, ruby, sapphire, diamond, etc according to the size of the fish. Different gem give different amount of point and the player need to touch the gems in order to collect them. The point is used to buy thing like food, fish and used to upgrade food, weapon and more important, to proceed to the next level.
Why do we need weapon? Since monsters will appear periodically, we need weapons to destory them and protect the marine life. If all the fish are eaten by the monster, game is over.If the player can earn a target amount of point, he can proceed to the next level.
In the next level, there will be one more kind of marine creature or may be more weapons. Also, after completing each level, there will be a pet that can help playing the game, e.g. can make the fish dropping more gems, can protect the fish fromt the monster, can help attacking the monster, can help collecting the gems, etc.

Draft Interface

Game Features

  • Use multi-touch to release food
  • Use gesture to change the type of food to feed different kind of creatures
  • When monster appear, use accelerometer to control the movement of the fish to keep away from the monsters
  • Use gesture to make a special attack to the monster

Techniques applied

  • Multi-touch
  • Gesture
  • Accelerometer
  • Sound
  • 2D graphics

Schedule (Sem 1)

Week1 Game design and Scheduling
Week2 Game design (Work on the details and Story line)
Week3 1. Design the class(modeling)
2. Learning of Objective-C
Week4 1. Design the class(modeling)
2. Learning of SDK (Multi-Touch)
Week5 Learning of SDK (Accelerometer)
Week6 Learning of SDK (Audio)
Week7 Implementing the Model classes
Week8 Implementing on the Model classes
Week9 Implementing on the main game logic
Week10 Testing and Debugging
Week11 Testing and Debugging
Week12 Testing and Debugging
Week13 Documentation
Week14 Documentation


Class Creature

Property Type Details
position float[2] position on the screen
velocity float[2] velocity of the creature
acceleration float[2] acceleration of the creature
size float[2] size of the creature, defined by the surrounding rectangle
imageName NSString* the name of the its image
texcoords GLshort* the texture coordinate
foodEaten NSDictionary* the number of each type of food that the creature eaten
gem Gem the gem that the creature release periodically
lastMealTime int the last time that it ate
timeTillHungry int the amount of time that it will be hungry
timeTillDead int the amount of time that it will die if it hasn't be fed
state enum kCreatureState the state of the creature, e.g. HUNGRY, FULL, ILL, DEAD

Class Item

Property Type Details
imageName NSString* the name of its image
price float how much does the item cost
hiden BOOL the items are hidden unless some condition met

Class Gem

Property Type Details
imageName NSString* the name of its image
value float the value of the gem

Class Food

Property Type Details
size float[2] size of the creature, defined by the surrounding rectangle
position float[2] position on the screen
velocity float[2] velocity of the food
acceleration float[2] acceleration of the food
imageName NSString* the name of its image
nutritiveValue int the nutritive value of the food


Aquarium Marine Aquarium FreshWater Aquarium Koi Pond Spore™ Origin Fish Tycoon
Graphic 2D,
simple cartoon
Dynamic water simulation
Sound 2D 2D 2D 3D 3D 2D
Networking No Networking / Multiplayer
Multi-touch Touch to give water ripples
Accelerometer Shake Tilt, Turn, Twist
# Level 30
Language English
# Reviews 0 0 1 18 17 0
Price(USD) 0.99 1.99 0.99 0.99 9.99 1.99
(Out of 5)
NA NA 4 3.5 4.5 NA
Special Very Realistic Information about fish
Dynamic water simulation
Top view
Customize creatures

UML Diagram


Screen Shot

Screen Shot Screen Shot
menu.jpg game_over.jpg
This is the menu of Wonderful Blue When the player fail to achieve the goal, the game is over.
Player can continue at the previous level
goal_mode.jpg survival_mode.jpg
This is one of the game mode: Gold Mode.
Player need to achieve the target points within the time limit.
This is another game mode: Survival Mode
Initially, there are ten fish on the screen Player can touch on the free space on the screen to release food.
Multi-touch is also supported.
release_gems.jpg evolve.jpg
Some of the creatures are releasing gems!
Touch the gems before they disappear!
See the bubble? The creature is evolving!
Enemy appear! Attack them quickly !
Multi-touch is also supported


Date Thing done Duration Status
Week 1
08-09-08 Game's features dicussion
1.success of NDS related to our game design?
2.what type of our game is?
3.how to attract people?
4.the price setting?
2 hrs Done
09-09-08 Game's features dicussion
1.Focus on the simulation game
2.simple game rules and cute character
3.Attract all age group
4.have touch screen and sound detection
3 hrs Done
Week 2
11-09-08 iPhone Study Group Meeting
1. Basic OpenGL ES drawing, texture mapping
- how to create a texture with different size of pricture
- draw different polygon by glVetexPointer and glDrawArray instead of glBegin and glEnd
- how to texture map to a object when it is moving?(Problem)
2. Collision detection
- how to do a 2D collision
- only detect the x and y coordiantions
- how to do a 3D collsion
- need to detect the z coordination
1 hr
12-09-08 Adding other interest features
1.Enemy will appear periodically and eat the creatures
2.The game has two different modes
- Gold mode — players need to collect the target amount of points within the time limit. The higher the level is, the larger amount and shorter time is
- Survival mode — the number of enemies is more than the gold mode and the enemies appear more frequently. The goal of this mode is to protect the creatures from the attack of enemies. If all the creatures died within the time limit
2 hrs Done
13-09-08 Learing the syntax of Objective C
Thing Learned:
1. Create Classes
2. Create Interface
3. Create Protocol
4. Memory Management (Reference counting)
5. @property, @synthesize contruct
2 hr Done
14-09-08 Case learning about openGL
1. How to display a photo
2. Draw a polygon
Problem Encountered
1. Want to draw a polygon after each touch, but failed
3 hrs
Week 3
18-09-08 iPhone Study Group Meeting 1 hr Done
20-09-08 The above problem Solved. Method:
1. Using array in C instead of NSMutableArray in Obj-C
2 hr Done
22-09-08 Discussion on Modeling 1.5 hr Done
22-09-08 Problem on 14/9 is solved totally, using NSMutableArray
Bug found:
[NSMutableArray array] ✘
[[NSMutableArray array] retain] ✔
0.5 hr Done
22-09-08 Learning of texture mapping 1 hr Done
Week 4
25-09-08 Searching for suitable picture for background and fish
1.Should find a ocean background without anything or already decorated
2. search “ocean” on the google and get two different pictures.
- one is for the start menu
- one is for the game background
1 hr
29-09-09 Use texture mapping to map the background.
Problem: The dimension of the background image is not in the power of 2,
so the original code for texture mapping doesn't work.
Solved: By studying the Crash Landing example from Apple
4 hrs
Week 5
01-10-08 Learning about how to design the classes from apple's example:
1. Crash Landing
2. Touch Fighter II
3 hrs
02-10-08 Design of UML diagram 2 hrs
Week 6
08-10-08 Design of game features
1.Backup System
- support saving the current progress
- don’t want player losing all their playing progress
- save and load the progress record function must to be implemented
- autosave
- manual save mechanism
- pause and resume the game at anytime
2 hrs
10-10-08 Design of game features
1.Sound System
- The sound system consists of two parts
- The first part is the background music
- the second part is other sound effect
- have different background music on each level
- when the player makes any action or there is any event occurred during the game, a sound effect will be produced
- we are going to implement a stereo sound system
2 hrs
Week 7
14-10-08 Implementing the GameObject Class 3 hrs
Week 8
20-10-08 Implementing the Creatures Class and the main game logic 4 hrs
Week 9
24-10-08 Implementing gems releasing
Thing Done:
1. Creatures can swim
2. Release gems periodically
3. Touch to release food
4. Showing the playing time
10 hrs
26-10-08 Implementing how to trace a particular food
Possible Algorithm:
1. Predict the location of collision and set the velocity once
2. Keep adjusting the velocity until collision
2 hrs
27-10-08 1. Learning of PhotoShop
2. Designing the creatures
10 hrs
28-10-08 Implementing the vision of the creatures
The creature can only have a vision of 90 degree
3 hrs
28 -10-08 Implementing tracing the food with shortest distance that the creature can “see”
Problem : algorithm with time complexity O(mn) may not be efficient enough
2 hrs
Week 10
02-11-08 Implementing the enemy system
1. Enemy has life
2. Touching reduce enemy's life
3. Enemy can trace the creature and kill them
6 hrs
03-11-08 Implementing the Evolution feature
1. A score system to calculate the nutrient value of food eaten
2. Matching the score with the evolution type score to confirm the evolution type
3. Creature can evolute to other type or enlarge their size
6 hrs
Week 11
10-11-08 Learning Photoshop and making the start menu 2 hrs
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