FYP IK0802 Game On iPhone (Semester 2)


Wonderful Blue


Game Description

  • Wonderful Blue

The game will simulate a aquarium. There will several kind of marine creatures, such as fish, shark, octopus, lobster, etc.
Initially, there will be only two or three fish. Players need to buy food to feed the fish. Then the fish will grow and when they become bigger and bigger, they will drop emerald, ruby, sapphire, diamond, etc according to the size of the fish. Different gem give different amount of point and the player need to touch the gems in order to collect them. The point is used to buy thing like food, fish and used to upgrade food, weapon and more important, to proceed to the next level.
Why do we need weapon? Since monsters will appear periodically, we need weapons to destory them and protect the marine life. If all the fish are eaten by the monster, game is over.If the player can earn a target amount of point, he can proceed to the next level.
In the next level, there will be one more kind of marine creature or may be more weapons. Also, after completing each level, there will be a pet that can help playing the game, e.g. can make the fish dropping more gems, can protect the fish fromt the monster, can help attacking the monster, can help collecting the gems, etc.

Draft Interface

Game Features

  • Use multi-touch to release food
  • Use gesture to change the type of food to feed different kind of creatures
  • When monster appear, use accelerometer to control the movement of the fish to keep away from the monsters
  • Use gesture to make a special attack to the monster

Techniques applied

  • Multi-touch
  • Gesture
  • Accelerometer
  • Sound
  • 2D graphics

Schedule (Sem 2)

Ultimate Goal: Make the world more realistic

Week1 Improve the reality of the creatures
Week2 Improve the reality of the creatures
Week3 Improve the reality of the creatures
Week4 Implementing features - Sound
Week5 Implementing features - Sound
Week6 Implementing features - Accelerometer
Week7 Testing for Accelerometer
Week8 Learning of Gesture Detection
Week9 Implementing features - Gesture Detection
Week10 Testing and Debugging
Week11 Testing and Debugging
Week12 Testing and Debugging
Week13 Documentation
Week14 Documentation

Screen Shot

Screen Shot Screen Shot
menu.jpg game_over.jpg
This is the menu of Wonderful Blue When the player fail to achieve the goal, the game is over.
Player can continue at the previous level
goal_mode.jpg survival_mode.jpg
This is one of the game mode: Gold Mode.
Player need to achieve the target points within the time limit.
This is another game mode: Survival Mode

Game Demo

Coming Soon……


Date Thing done Duration Status
Week 1
09-1-09 Discuss the schedule of this semester 2 hr done
10-1-09 1. Improve the tracing algorithm
2. Improve the accuracy of collision detection
4 hr done
Week 2
16-1-09 Improve the movement of creatures
Try to add some friction on them and when their velocity is below certain value, give them an impulse to increase their velocity again.
1. What are the values of the friction and the impulse that can make the movement of creatures natural and realistic.
3.5 hr not done
18-1-09 Try to make the creatures move along a sine curve 1 hr done
Week 3
20-1-09 Create a new set of creatures which are much more colorful 4 hr done
21-1-09 Create the graphic for the interface, including:
1. A Button for adding new creatures
2. Three buttons for choosing different foods
3. Three buttons for choosing different weapons
4. A menu button
3.5 hr done
22-1-09 Modified the pictures of creatures to create the swimming animation 2.5 hr done
23-1-09 Coding for animating the swimming motion of creatures 2.5 hr 50% done
24-1-09 Coding for animating the swimming motion of creatures, by creating a new class: Animation 3 hr done
Week 4
29-1-09 Coding for changing food 2 hr done
30-1-09 Coding for adding creatures 2 hr done
Week 5
2-2-09 designing the start menu and the selecting mode background
1. make the background more colourful
2. make four buttons in the start menu and 2 buttons in selecting mode
2 hr done
3-2-09 Coding for evolution animation
the rotation of a image
2 hr done
Week 6
10-2-09 Coding for changing view
1.adding some functions to handle the memory allocation
2. release all the useless image
3. different view state having their own handling function
2 hr done
11-2-09 Coding for sound system
1. having the sound effect
2. problem of making the non-stop background music
3.using some weird sound effect
3 hr done
Week 7
16-2-09 fixing some bugs
1. fish evolving simultaneous
2. trace food problem
3. touch detection order
4. image size
2 hr done
Week 8
20-2-09 Implementing accelerometer stuff:
1. Detect shaking by a high pass filter
2. Detect device orientation by a low pass filter
Now can detect shaking to let the creature go away from the enemy
Can also control the movement of the creatures
6 hr done
23-2-09 After testing, using the accelerometer all the time will slow everything down
So, only enable it when enemies are appeared.
2 hr done
Week 9
26-2-09 Implementing the “restart” feature which will involving deallocating objects and reinitialize the game 2 hr done
1-3-09 Implementing a new “mode” for attacking the enemy.
Accelerometer will only be enabled during that mode.
4 hr done
2-3-09 Studying how to saving the games.
Reading the document “Archives and Serializations Programming Guide for Cocoa”
Implementing the NSCoding protocol which consists of two method: encodeWithCoder and initWithCoder.
5 hr not done
Week 10
7-3-09 - finding the images about the shooting game
- edit and modify the found images
2hrs done
8-3-09 implementing the saving system but still having some bugs
1.after restore some creatures do not move
2. somethings can not save
4 hrs done
9-3-09 implementing the shooting enemy mini game
that is the weapon's feature
using the accelerometer
3 hrs done
Week 11
15-3-09 making the game to have a better performance
1. every creature trace the food with a longer period of time
2. testing the variety of the accelerometer's variable
4 hrs done
16-3-09 still implementing the saving system 2 hrs done


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