CSC2100B Data Structures Tutorials

Lecture I Lecture II Tutorial I Tutorial II
Time M7-8, 2:30 pm - 4:15 pm T2, 9:30 am - 10:15 am T9, 4:30 pm - 5:15 pm H9, 4:30 pm - 5:15 pm
Venue SC L1 ERB LT ERB 404 ERB 404

See announcement at bottom of page (Last updated on 29 March 2009)

Week Date Notes Remarks TA Resources
1 6/1 - 8/1 N/A No Tutorial this week N/A N/A
2 13/1 - 15/1 Online Judge Guide and Introduction to C N/A Chan Kai Chi Demo Program for Online Judge testing
3 20/1 - 22/1 Linked list and Stacks in C Second Version Chan Kai Chi N/A
4 27/1 - 29/1 N/A Chinese New Year: No Tutorial Chan Kai Chi N/A
5 3/2 - 5/2 Queue and Tips on Programming Assignment 1
Second Version Chan Kai Chi .vimrc
6 10/2 - 12/2 AVL Tree Hao Ma N/A
7 17/2 - 19/2 Binary and AVL Trees in C Hao Ma N/A
8 24/2 - 26/2 Hashing Hao Ma Solution of WA1
9 03/3 - 05/3 Heap Hao Ma N/A
10 10/3 - 12/3 Solutions for Written Assignment 2
The ppt file gives the solutions of written assignment 2, and the details on how to solve them will be delivered in the class.
Hao Ma N/A
11 17/3 - 19/3 N/A No Tutorial Hao Ma N/A
12 24/3 - 26/3 Quick Sort and Merge Sort Hao Ma N/A
13 31/3 - 02/4 N/A No Tutorial Hao Ma N/A
14 07/4 - 09/4 Graph Hao Ma N/A
15 15/4 - 17/4 Graph Revisited
This tutorial will provide detailed steps on solving graph problems, including how to draw the intermediate tables and graphs. These examples are highly related to the graph problems in assignment 4 and the final exam.
Hao Ma N/A



We will put midterm problems #1, #2, and #3 on the on-line judge server (the homework server) for you to solve during the week of March 30-April 3. The question ids for the three questions should be q1, q2 and q3. The student id and password are the same as the one you use for submitting homework.

Time: 12:01 am, Monday, March 30 to 11:59 pm, Friday, April 3, 2009



The programming midterm result is posted in CUForum.


The online judge system is now ready. The submission period will be from 0:01am Mar 9th to 11:59pm Mar 13rd.

The problem IDs (without the quotation marks) for assignment 3 (programming part) are as follows:

Question 2.7: “ex2_7”

Question 3.32: “ex3_32”


The programming assignment 2 scores are fixed and posted in CUForum. The appeal period is from 2/3/2009 to 4/3/2009.


As discussed with Prof. King, the programming assignment 2 is postponed to 11:59 pm on Sunday (1st March 2009).


After the online judge system is fixed, I found that there are some problems about the score. I will fix it soon and post it later in CUForum.


The online judge system is fixed now and you can submit your program using the previous approach. Reply message will be sent to your CSE email. If you have any problem, feel free to find me.


I am sorry that there is some problem on the online judge system. Temporarily, you can submit the programs by

mail < yourProgram.c

and check the score by accessing the following page (with your CSE VPN connected)

There will be no reply email.


The online judge system is now open. The submission period will be from 10:00am Feb 23rd to 11:59pm Feb 27th.

The problem IDs (without the quotation marks) for assignment 2 (programming part) are as follows:

Question 2.12: “ex2_12”

Question 3.33: “ex3_33”


Programming assignment 1 score is released in CUForum. The appeal period is from 16/2/2009 to 20/2/2009.


CUForum is open. Feel free to ask questions there.


The problem IDs (without the quotation marks) for assignment 1 (programming part) are as follows:

Question 1.13: “ex1_13”

Question 1.14: “ex1_14”

The submission period will be from 0:01am Feb 2nd to 11:59pm Feb 6th.


The login ID for CSC2100B online judge system is sent to your CUHK webmail account. Please keep it safe and do not disclose it. If you cannot receive it, please send an email to the TA (Roy Chan).


As discussed with Prof. King, the online judge system of the programming part in HW1 is operated in this way. Starting from the date the problems released, you can try and test your programs in your computer before deadline. The online judge system during this period is closed. From 2 Feb 2009, until the deadline, the online judge system will be opened. You can then submit your programs to the online judge system. The award scheme is also modified. Please read the award scheme in tutorial 2 for more details. The login ID will be released very soon.


Assignment 1 has been posted on the course homepage. Due in 2 weeks time. You only need to do the listed question numbers. The programming part should be submitted using online judge account. We will begin to accept submission from 2 Feb 2009, until the deadline. The required problem id will be announce later. Refer to the newsgroup or tutorial notes for the submission guide.


To the non-cse students in CSC2100B. If you are without access to a unix account (for example, from your own department), or having difficulty in submitting to our online judge server, please contact any tutor by email, providing your 1) Full Name 2) Department and 3) Student Id. We can arrange to open temporary CSE accounts for you.

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