First Prize, IEEE Hong Kong Section 2010 (PG) Student paper Contest

Dr. Haiqin Yang has been awarded the “First Prize” in the IEEE Hong Kong Section 2010 (PG) Student Paper Contest 2010 for the paper titled “Online Learning for Multi-Task Feature Selection”.

Caltech Alumni Dinner, April 2011

Caltech's President Dr. Jean-Lou Chameau visited Hong Kong and we hosted a dinner in his honor in April 2011.

DASFAA2010, Tsukuba, Japan

I gave a tutorial at DASFAA2010, Tsukuba, Japan. Here is a photo with the DASFAA2010 Organizers. From left: Prof. Hiroyuki Kitagawa, the General Chair, Prof. Masunaga, Honorary Conference Chair, and Prof. Sumiya, the Tutorial Co-Chair.


Gave a keynote speech on Social Computing at FGIT2010, Jeju Island, Korea.

Group Photos, September 2008

It's not often that we have a chance to have everyone in the group together. This is one of them!

Visit to the Police Training College, August 2008

We visited the Hong Kong Police Training College and were greeted by the Chief Inspector of Police and the Superintendent of the College. During the visit, we toured the simulation complex for training various typical scenarios in the Hong Kong setting.

Ricardo Baeza-Yates's Visit to CUHK

Ricardo Baeza-Yates visited CUHK after SIGIR2008 and gave a seminar to the department. After the seminar, we strolled to the Turing Award recipient, Andrew Yao's office for a quick visit.

WCCI2008, June 2008, Hong Kong

I met up with man old friends as well as some new ones at WCCI2008 in June. Here are their names: Lofti Zadeh, Bill Howell, Takeshi Yamakawa, Robert Kozma, Fred Ham, DeLiang Wang, Donald Wunsch II, Jacek Zurada, Gary Yen, Jun Wang, Anthony Kuh, Isabelle Guyon, Tuevo Kohonen, Shiro Usui, David Brown, Masumi Ishikawa, Vincenzo Piuri

Student Achievements in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award, January 2008

Christmas Dinner with Students, 2007

We had a wonderful Christmas dinner in Shenzhen. We ate at the 江南厨子, a Hangzhou/Shanghainese restaurant located in the 万象城. The food was absolutely delicious and exquisite. We also had a gift exchange.

Prof. Takeshi Yamakawa

A photo with Prof. Takeshi Yamakawa and his lovely wife after their Japanese traditional musical performance at ICONIP2007, Kitakyushu, Japan. Prof. Yamakawa is the General Chair of ICONIP2007 and also of the Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute (FLSI).

VC Cup, Undergraduate Group Entries, 2007

Pak Shing Au (left of the cup) and Chung Ming Leung, Daniel (right of the cup) were my Final Year Project (FYP) students. Their work on the Telemahjong, an interactive virtual reality game, was a hit among the judges. The project also competed in the mainland's Challenge Cup in Nanjing.

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee's Visit, September 2006

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, the President of Google Greater China, visited the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Here is a photo with the CUPIDE team members after he visited the lab.

Faculty of Engineering Awards Presentations, March 3, 2007

Ms. Fanny Law, the former ICAC Commissioner presented the awards to the winner of faculty exemplary teaching awards.

Pierre Baldi's Visit, October 2005

Pierre Baldi visited CUHK and gave a seminar. Andrew, Lei and I took him to Sia Kung for dinner afterwards.

ICONIP2005, Taiwan

Here are some photos from the ICONIP2005, Taiwan. Here are: Jun Wang, Laiwan Chan, Gerson Zaverucha, Wlodzislaw Duch, Kunihiko Fukushima, Mark Liao, Sy-Yen Kuo,

IEEE Computer Intelligence Society, Hong Kong Chapter FYP Award, September 2005

The Final Year Project (FYP) team of Guy and Andy won the IEEE Computer Intelligence Society, Hong Kong Chapter FYP Award on their project work on the CUPIDE system.

Caltech Alumni Dinner 2001

This was taken at the Caltech's Alumni Dinner in 2001 with Caltech's Trustee, York Liao and the then president of Caltech and Nobel laureate, David Baltimore.

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